UCB is a multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 1928, the company focuses primarily on research and development including medications centered on epilepsy, bone and arthritic diseases. The company's efforts also focus on treatments for severe diseases treated by specialists, particularly in the fields of neurology, immunology and bone disorders.

UCB’s vision is “To enhance our knowledge of the various expressions of a disease and the real life experience of patients so that, ultimately, our teams are able to deliver the right drug and the right care to the right patient.”

UCB became a Project HOPE partner in 2013 when the company funded HOPE’s initiative in Shanghai, “Supporting Children and Families with Epilepsy,” with a three-year, $1 million grant. In China, there is a general lack of understanding about the disease and how to manage it, making it especially difficult for young patients who sometimes suffer discrimination. In Chinese society epilepsy is not only a public health issue, it is also a social problem.

UCB and Project HOPE have worked together to improve medical care for children with epilepsy in China and to provide psychological support for their families. Through a network of ten children’s hospitals nationwide, including the world renowned Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, the project encompasses health education and professional training for pediatric neurologists on advanced epilepsy clinical diagnosis.

The project also aims to increase public awareness of epilepsy to reduce the social stigma associated with this disease. This effort includes collaboration with health providers at schools to build a comfortable learning environment for children with epilepsy and to teach educators and students alike to dispel myths about the disease and improve public perception of epilepsy.

Project HOPE is grateful for UCB’s support and values them as a corporate patron.

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