Posted By: Rand Walton on December 2, 2010

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HOPE for Kids with Cancer

As my visit to Shanghai comes to an end, one of my lasting impressions will be the faces of the children. Behind their heart-melting smiles are the hopes and dreams for the future of this amazing country. And Project HOPE is making sure China’s future is healthy and bright.

I was startled to hear that 30 percent of children with cancer in China do not seek appropriate follow-up care. Even worse, 40 percent of children with cancer never receive care.

Project HOPE, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Hospira and other partners are diligently working to change those numbers, as well as alleviate the suffering and save the lives of children.

Why am I optimistic? Just as Project HOPE, SCMC and multiple corporate and private partners developed the hospital into the world’s #1 center for pediatric heart surgery in less than 12 years, we expect the same results for the enhanced oncology program as well.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the new Oncology Tower at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center will more than double the number of beds available to care for children with cancer.

In addition, the Shanghai City Government recently approved the addition of a new facility that will house 500 general medicine beds that will literally double the size of the hospital and provide more opportunities for care for the children of China.

The new Oncology Tower and the new general medicine hospital building also will include facilities and technology to educate and train even more doctors and nurses from around China. Project HOPE will direct many of the training programs that will ultimately enhance the delivery of care and improve the health of children in urban and rural areas across China.

It’s a daunting task, but one that Project HOPE, SCMC and its partners are up to. When it comes to the health of China’s and the world’s children, Project HOPE is ready to take action.

Story by Rand Walton, HOPE's Director of Strategic Communications, now in China for the groundbreaking of the new Oncology Tower at Shanghai Children's Medical Center.

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