Posted By: Alyson Landry on August 30, 2011

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Yesterday the operating room picked up speed and finished with 22 cases completed.

Due to the revised schedule around hurricane Irene, Tracy Kunkel will be serving the rest of the mission in the operating room because they need assistance with the increased workload.

Her hope was to teach the Helping Babies Breathe course at the hospital, but all subject matter expert exchanges, SMEE, were canceled. However, Kunkel is glad she is in a place where she is needed.

Our orthopedic team assisted on a few cases, but a little 2-year-old boy got his club feet corrected today. Jeff Moomey, an operating room nurse, held the tiny legs in place as both were casted from the thigh down. Even if there aren’t enough orthopedic cases to go around, this little boy will be able to walk correctly in the future.

Our team out at the medical site came back at around 3 p.m., which is an early day. They closed the gate and stopped banding patients because people were getting too rowdy outside.

Irene Restaino’s patient had been waiting outside since yesterday. His mother only had a cracker to give him, she said. People are extremely eager to be seen here, however, sometimes the volunteers cannot help them with advanced ilnesses. The volunteers have seen more cancer here than in any other country on the mission.

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