Posted By: Carol Nyman on March 1, 2011

Labels: Africa , Ghana , Volunteers

It was another hectic day at Health Center in Shama.

We saw three "emergency" patients - a patient with hypertension that was uncontrolled and malaria, a school girl who came from school with malaria, and a small child with malaria and anemia. We sent one to the hospital, a fourth-month old baby with malaria and anemia (Hb=6.3) plus diarrhea. We feared dehydration and potential for cerebral malaria, in addition to the already severe anemia.

We saw several other small children with malaria, and also several adults with it.

A young man came in with symptoms of tuberculosis (TB) - cough, night sweats, and weight loss, plus he had some mouth sores. We have no buffer for the rapid HIV test kit, so Hilda ordered a sed rate, saying that if it were elevated it would be a sign of infection. The ESR was elevated at 100, so the patient was sent for sputums to the hospital and then back to the clinic for HIV screening when the buffer comes in in a few days.

We did have one woman return to the clinic with sputum results that she was sent for several days ago, and it came back positive for TB.

I also spent part of the day teaching nursing assistant students about wound care. I taught this as we were caring for two patients.

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