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Posted By: Kris Radder on June 8, 2011

Labels: Papua New Guinea , Volunteers

Papua New Guinea

Another busy day for the Pacific Partnership 2011 and Project HOPE volunteer team as they treated more than 900 patients at a medical site in Papua New Guinea.  

The early morning rain did not deter the would-be patients, and lines throughout the day continued to grow. Despite the heat and long lines, the local people were incredibly happy to see the medical providers.  

Volunteer nurse, Bridget Binko, spent the day directing the flow of patients and recording weight and measurements of some of the children that were visiting the clinic. 

Binko communicated with the local people with the help of a translator. “It was great,” Binko says. “I really got to know a little about the people and culture while checking them into the clinic. I learned from some of the patients, that a long time ago, people would take second or third wives, but though the years they now believe in what we call a traditional marriage.”  

Volunteer Thanh Dinh also enjoyed getting to know the people of Papua New Guinea. "It was a great day," she says. “It started out a little rough from the rain, but everyone worked hard, to see as many people possible. I feel honored for the opportunity to be here, to be welcomed into the community and into the lives of the families that come into the medical clinic for treatment.”  

Photos by Leading Seamen Imagery Specialist Helen Frank of the Royal Australian Navy.




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