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Posted By: Alyson Landry on August 16, 2011

Labels: Guatemala , Volunteers

Volunteers worked at the Santa Isabella school site in Guatemala, caring for pediatric patients including most of the school’s students.  

Volunteers were able to help provide a long overdue diagnosis for a 13-year-old female who showed the physical signs of Turner’s syndrome. 

Volunteers also helped care for a young girl who experienced a minor motorcycle accident the day before  the Continuing Promise 2011 medical team opened the clinic. 

“Normally our techs clean the wounds because we are busy charting, giving medications, etc.,” says Volunteer RN and Nurse Practitioner student Luz Gomez.

Before cleaning the wound, Gomez, gave her 17-year-old patient a numbing shot under the watchful eye of volunteer Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Mbuthia and then flushed the wound out completely, and dressed it for healing.  

“It should heal within a few weeks, but I told her to come back later in the week if it started to get infected,” adds Gomez.  

While volunteers worked only a half a day at the pediatric clinic, 446 kids cared for. 

More Alyson Landry photos of volunteers in Guatemala.

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Do it have to be a certain age to volunteer babies

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