Posted By: Connie Lieu on August 8, 2012

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Dr. Robert Wood from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Teaching in China

Project HOPE invited Dr. Robert Wood, Ph.D., MD, a pediatric pulmonary specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and an expert in Bronchology and Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis to speak and advise the specialists at Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC) on clinical best practices in Bronchology. During his few days at SCMC, Dr. Wood gave several presentations on Bronchology practices and guidance, endoscopic techniques as well as the lessons on the importance of proper maintenance of the bronchoscope. Bronchoscopy is the therapy that uses a thin tube instrument, bronchoscope, typically inserted through the nose, mouth and tracheostomy, to look inside a patient’s airway to help doctors assess airway conditions and engage proper treatment. It is also used to potentially remove blood or foreign objects, especially if objects are blocking the airways, so the patient can breathe better. In addition, Bronchoscopy is a common procedure used to help diagnose diseases like asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis, and bronchiectasis. 

Dr. Wood met with SCMC Cardiologists, Pediatric ICU Clinicians and Pulmonary Specialists to educate and share knowledge, provide hands-on consultation and answer lots of questions on techniques, advance practices and special pediatric conditions such as Hypoxia and Subglottic Stenosis. He even took the time to coach clinicians on proper handling and cleaning techniques to prevent infections, as he practices the criteria, “It’s clean when you are willing to use the bronchoscope on yourself.”  It certainly is an excellent standard and it reminds me of what we often hear growing up, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Dr. Wood takes a very practical approach to medicine and clinical practices. He also has many great stories to illustrate his points and uses them in his teaching which I think makes for a more interesting and tangible learning experience. I like that he balances the humanity components with the medical art of relieving patient suffering. 

Dr. Robert Wood from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Teaching in China

In listening to his lunch presentation on the “Art of Medicine,” I found many aspects of what he spoke of to be what I practice in managing and coaching people and teams. For example, he stressed the aspects of building relationships and trust, listening and asking vs. talking and directing, helping bring perspective and defining milestones, asking for help and getting the big picture. These are all aspects that I believe are invaluable in many facets of our daily lives.

Project HOPE is grateful for Dr. Wood’s continued partnership, dedication to advancing health, and valuable leadership in teaching and sharing his expertise. Lily Hsu, HOPE's Program Manager in China says, “Dr. Wood's experience and expertise are so valuable and critical to SCMC in this field. His advice on listening to the parents, being critical about what you see and don’t see as a doctor, and balancing risks with benefits are guidance from years of experiences.” 

Project HOPE will we working with Dr. Wood to draft a summary letter outlining constructive feedback in the spirit of continuous improvements to help support SCMC with its goal of becoming a world class hospital. In addition, Lily shared that Project HOPE is planning to send two SCMC Ruaral Health Fellows to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to further their knowledge and skills in Bronchology and other medical areas.  This is yet another great example of collaboration at work to expand that “web of knowledge” to bring health opportunities everywhere!

Connie Lieu is a Pfizer Global Health Fellow volunteering with Project HOPE China to strengthen health on non-communicable disease prevention, intervention, and management for patients with risk factors, and health care providers. 

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