Posted By: Kris Radder on June 8, 2012

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Dr. Baxt performing surgeries onbard the USNS Mercy.

As some Project HOPE volunteers begin going ashore to treat patients in Indonesia, others stay onboard the USNS Mercy to begin the first surgical operations of Pacific Partnership 2012.  

Volunteer Dr. Robert Baxt, a surgeon from Reisterstown, Maryland, participated in one of the most interesting medical cases of the day. He helped remove a soft-skinned tumor located on the back of an Indonesian woman's right shoulder. The tumor weighed roughly six pounds.  

“The tumor was interfering with her every day functions, like putting on clothes or simply keeping her head straight,” says Dr. Baxt. “We cut out the tumor, and did a cosmetic repair with a suture line on her back so it will not be noticeable when she wears clothes."  

The recovery time for this surgery should be quick. Dr. Baxt estimates the woman will be back to normal with a much more comfortable life in just a few days. 

"I love doing this kind of work. It is really helping out people that really need the help," says Dr. Baxt. "This tumor has been growing for roughly 22 years, and it feels great to give her a normal life back."

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