Posted By: Frederick Gerber on September 27, 2012

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Volunteer Pediatrician Dr. Andy Gunter in Nepal

Dr. Andy Gunter, a Pediatrician from Charlotte, North Carolina is a seasoned volunteer, first serving with Project HOPE in Indonesia following the devastating Tsunami in late 2004. During the Pacific Angel mission in Nepal in partnership with the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Gunter served as HOPE’s Medical Director.

No kid in the world can escape Dr. Gunter’s genuinely warm appeal and ability to produce laughter, even from children not feeling their best.

In Nepal, Dr. Gunter examined a young patient presenting with labored and inefficient breathing, later diagnosed as acute respiratory distress syndrome. Working closely with a Nepalese second year medical student, serving as an interpreter, Dr. Gunter had the patient immediately evacuated to the regional hospital for further treatment.

Women in Nepal Often Perform Hard Labor

In addition to children, the Project HOPE volunteers are also treating a significant number of female Nepalese patients presenting with severe back and neck pain.

It is no wonder.

The Nepalese women are hardworking and uncomplaining, often performing hard labor we only see men performing in other countries. It is a common sight in in the remote towns and villages to see women carrying heavy loads on their backs using a head band to balance and carry the load.

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