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Posted By: Kris Radder on June 12, 2012

Labels: Indonesia , Volunteers

Kelly Scatton and Baby

On the second day of receiving patients during Pacific Partnership 2012  the top talk aboard the USNS Mercy was an adorable four-month-old Indonesian girl with a cleft pallet.  

Project HOPE's very diligent volunteer Nurse Kelly Scatton was on hand in the Intensive Care Unit to help take care of the young child when she exited surgery.  

The little patient had a Bi-Lateral Cleft Lip Repair, and since she was very young, the surgical team left the pallet open, while repairing the lip.  

"She made a great recovery,” Scatton says. “Her vital signs were normal, and she drank three bottles after the surgery."  

Mother and child

Scatton was excited to start seeing patients again, joking about the six weeks that built up to this moment.  

"It was a fun day," says Scatton. "I have been enjoying learning Indonesian by listening to my translators talking to the patients."  

The volunteers once again prove that they are truly making a difference in the country of Indonesia.

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