Posted By: John P. Howe, III, M.D. on December 26, 2013

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Members of the HOPE family,

Project HOPE volunteers Melissa Fantasia, left, and Arme Gallanaro, center, celebrate with Maria Rose after a late-night experimental feeding session

As we move into the holidays, well known as the “Season of Giving,” I am mindful of the impact and the power of these three words, and the very special meaning they have here at Project HOPE.  Selflessly, with little regard for personal comfort, and willing to leave family, friends and holiday festivities behind, Project HOPE volunteers and staff exemplify the Season, and give extraordinary meaning to the concept of “giving.”  In the Philippines, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Central Asia, Africa and beyond, they work tirelessly to save lives, to provide essential health education, and to strengthen health systems that will live, and give, to the local people for many seasons to come.

Two granddaughters of Elenita play in the wreckage of the home the family lived in together before Typhoon Haiyan

Early winter began with a Typhoon in the Philippines that was breathtaking in its scope and destruction.  In the best traditions of Project HOPE, our volunteers responded immediately to give, and give again, of their time, their talent and their knowledge.  Our donors responded as well, with an outpouring of funds, supplies, medicines and equipment.  And as a result, we are giving comfort, aid, help and healing to people in some of the hardest hit areas. And the Philippines is by no means unusual.  The Season of Giving extends all over the world, to 35 countries where HOPE has people, programs and projects that are in continuous operation.

The images included here are themselves a gift, illustrating far better than words how these efforts, all around the world, have combined to turn seasons of despair into a Season of HOPE.  I wish each of you peace and contentment and the joy of sharing in this Season of Giving.




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