Posted By Volunteer Nurse Ann Perez on May 5, 2015

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Volunteer Nurse Ann Perez has been on the ground in Nepal since May 2.

Despite the devastation here in Nepal, working with the earthquake’s youngest victims, the children, is rewarding and inspiring. The selflessness of the children, towards their families and each other, has been the most touching thing I've seen. 

Children of Nepal

One small girl was very fearful that she might be paralyzed on her left side, due to injuries she suffered from the earthquake. She was given a bar of chocolate to help comfort her, but she only ate half the chocolate. She kept the other half of the chocolate beside her during her surgery. She was saving the second half, to give to her brother. Today, I am happy to report, she was able to move her left side.

My first day here, another little girl was trying to pass a handful of cheese puffs to her neighbor because he was saying he was hungry.  I walked over to help pass it because their hands couldn't touch. Thankfully, it dawned on me that I should check with the local staff before the transaction was completed.  It turns out the recipient was pre-op and therefore could not have the snack. Still, it is humbling to see the kids, who rightfully could have eaten all their food, want to share with other children.

Children of Nepal

The pediatric patient perspective here in Nepal continues to put a smile on my face. (See the photo to the right.) After caring for and connecting with a little boy injured in the earthquake, I asked him if I could take his photo. He agreed, then gave me a great big smile. He then asked me if he could take my photo. How could I refuse.








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