Posted By Carrie Jo Cain, World Hope International (Project HOPE's Partner in Sierra Leone) on June 23, 2015

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Four "Clinic in a Can" units were donated to Project HOPE. World Hope International, Project HOPE's partner NGO in Sierra Leone, is coordinating their installation.

Last Thursday, four “Clinic in a Can” units arrived at the World Hope International field office in Makeni, Sierra Leone from where they travelled to their final destinations. Each place we went, people were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the container. Here are some highlights of what I experienced as the containers were installed.

Old Government Hospital in Makeni

For a short while now, a part of the Old Government Hospital has been used as a clinic to meet the special needs of Ebola survivors of whom many – even after months of their discharge – continue to suffer from weakness, joint pains and other aches. One of the clinics was handed over to the two Community Health Officers in Makeni who are responsible for the survivors’ clinic. They will use the container as an examination room. The whole team of the survivors’ clinic had come to see the arrival of the container – even those who weren’t on duty. A lot of “wow – this is even much bettern than we thought” exclamations could be heard when the doors were finally opened.

The Clinic in a Can unit arrives at Kasumpe Ebola Holding Center

Kasumpe Ebola Holding Center

Kasumpe Ebola Holding Center, located 10 miles from Kabala in Koinadugu district, was built during the Ebola epidemic. But compared to most treatment and community care centers, it was designed as a permanent unit to provide long-term health care in that area. The District Medical Officer of Koinadugu District is currently rebuilding the holding center to make it an infectious disease specialty center in his district. He has a great vision with his container. It will be the cornerstone of his specialty center to treat all tropical infectious diseases like cholera, typhoid, lassa fever, meningitis and others.

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