Posted By Kenly Flanigan, HOPE's Volunteer Coordinator on May 2, 2015

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Kenly Flanigan, HOPE’s Volunteer Coordinator has been on the ground in Nepal since Wednesday. While traveling to Nepal for HOPE, she met a Nepalese-born man on her plane from Chicago.  The man’s story is just one of many in the massive tragedy, where thousands of survivors are trapped in a desperate search to find family members. He agreed to let Kenly share his story.

Kenly Flanigan

As I was traveling from New Delhi to Kathmandu, I met a man named Dumpak. He started to share with me his incredible and heartbreaking story.

Dumpak was born and raised in Nepal and has been living in Chicago since 2004.  He recently visited his home village in Nepal, just a few months ago. Tragically, his hometown was right at the epicenter of the massive earthquake.

The moment he heard about the earthquake, he tried desperately to get in touch with his entire family. With no luck reaching them, Dumpak quit his job, sold everything he owned, cashed in his 401K and bought a one way ticket to Nepal to search for his family.

Dumpak has no idea what the outcome of his story will be, but he was extremely hopeful and positive in his belief that he will find his family and that they will be okay.

Nepal earthquake damage

This story is truly both tragic and inspiring to me:  It shows that the villages outside of Kathmandu have been affected in the most devastating way. The people in the remote areas have no food, water, communication access, or shelter. There has been limited health care access and they are truly in dire need of immediate help.  But Dumpak’s decision to come here inspires and motivates me to make a difference with Project HOPE for Dumpak and thousands of others struggling  in Nepal.

I gave Dumpak my card and asked him to share with me the ending of the story, whether it be good or bad. I hope to hear from him soon and if possible, help his family and community in any way possible.



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