Posted By: Dalibor Tasevski, M.D. on September 17, 2015

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As Project HOPE sends additional medicines and medical supplies to help the thousands of Syrian refugees traveling through Macedonia on a daily basis, staff on the ground continues to assess the conditions and needs of the camps set up along the Greek and Serbian borders. While visiting the Gevgelija transit center earlier this week, HOPE staff met with some of the men, women and children fleeing Syria for a better life. Here are their stories.

Syrian Refugees in Macedonia

Mother Seeks Better Life for Children

First we met a young Syrian mother, traveling with her two kids. One of her children is only three months old. She carries him in a baby sling. The other young child, about five or six years old walks along beside her. She told us that she is traveling to Germany, where she hopes to find a better life for her sons.



Man Paves Way for Family

Syrian Refugees in Macedonia

We also met a Syrian refugee from Damascus. He told us he is the first person in his family to escape his country. He was a clothing designer in his country but had to escape. His goal is to reach Germany and find a way to have a better life, where he can bring his family with him.




Brothers Flee War

Syrian Refugees in Macedonia

At the hospital in Gevgelija, we met young Bahir. Just nine years old, Bahir left Syria with his older brother. While escaping, he broke his arm on the ship and had to go to the hospital in Macedonia. His brother told us that here in Macedonia they are finally being treated as human beings and given the medical assistance they need. The brothers are hoping to reach Norway in search of a brighter future after leaving their parents behind in Syria.




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