Posted By Katie Kowalski, Project HOPE's Senior Program Officer, Noncommunicable Diseases on December 8, 2015

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Project HOPE staff in South Africa teach healthy eating habits to prevent noncommunicable diseases on World Diabetes Day 2015

Did you know that 68% of global mortality is caused by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases and cancer?  Most of those deaths occur in low and middle income countries where people are frequently unable to access essential medications and technologies.

Can you imagine having diabetes or hypertension, but no opportunity to acquire the medicine you need to treat your condition?  Can you imagine your loved one being diagnosed with a treatable cancer, but unable to access effective therapy? Can you imagine how a skilled health worker feels without the ability to provide necessary medications to patients? This happens every day in the developing world. 

Lack of essential medications results in severe health consequences for individuals and creates tremendous burdens on health systems. Let’s do our part to make sure health workers worldwide have access to the essential medicines they need to treat patients with NCDs. 

This Saturday, December 12 is Universal Health Coverage Day. Please join us in signing the #noemptyshelves #healthforall petition to make sure NCDs are part of the conversation!!    

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