Posted By Communications Team on September 10, 2017

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"CALLING ALL NURSES” -- that was the plea on Twitter by Florida Governor Rick Scott as hundreds of thousands of people crammed into shelters, fleeing the wrath of Hurricane Irma.  Anytime so many people, including the elderly, flock into one place in such numbers there will always be a need for medical care and support.  This is especially true at a time when first responders in the path of the massive storm are warning that it’s simply too dangerous for them to respond to 911 calls, and in such extreme conditions the normal regular medical services that we are used to, quickly grind to a halt.  

Officials in Florida have said that they had a good response from nurses in the state but even in this one area of the hurricane problem, needs are likely to remain acute.  That’s why Project HOPE is mobilizing medical volunteers to deploy to shelters in Florida that are hosting hundreds of special needs patients, including the elderly.  Our disaster response team is coordinating with health authorities to dispatch our medical team as soon as conditions are safe for travel.  This is likely to be just one aspect of the Project HOPE response, but given that the storm is unfolding, it’s one initiative we know ahead of time that can make a difference.

Learn more about HOPE's response to Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

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