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Project HOPE Answers Florida's Call

Posted By Communications Team on September 10, 2017

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"CALLING ALL NURSES” -- that was the plea on Twitter by Florida Governor Rick Scott as hundreds of thousands of people crammed into shelters, fleeing the wrath of Hurricane Irma.  Anytime so many people, including the elderly, flock into one place in such numbers there will always be a need for medical care and support.  This is especially true at a time when first responders in the path of the massive storm are warning that it’s simply too dangerous for them to respond to 911 calls, and in such extreme conditions the normal regular medical services that we are used to, quickly grind to a halt.  

Officials in Florida have said that they had a good response from nurses in the state but even in this one area of the hurricane problem, needs are likely to remain acute.  That’s why Project HOPE is mobilizing medical volunteers to deploy to shelters in Florida that are hosting hundreds of special needs patients, including the elderly.  Our disaster response team is coordinating with health authorities to dispatch our medical team as soon as conditions are safe for travel.  This is likely to be just one aspect of the Project HOPE response, but given that the storm is unfolding, it’s one initiative we know ahead of time that can make a difference.

Learn more about HOPE's response to Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

UPDATE: How Project HOPE is Helping Ease the Hurricane Harvey Crisis

on September 8, 2017

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Hurricane Harvey

Two weeks after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the storm is still having a serious impact on the health and well-being of the people of Texas. This is especially true for those individuals and families who remain displaced and face an uncertain future. And even more so for those who have limited or no access to proper medicines and  health services.

After initially supporting rescue and recovery efforts with our partners on the ground, we expanded our response by deploying our deeply experienced disaster response team to coordinate with local officials and quickly and accurately assess the health services needed for victims of the storm. 

Your Support at Work

Now, Project HOPE’s medical teams are on the front line bringing crucially needed care and comfort amid the crisis. More than a dozen volunteers including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and mental health professionals are operating in the Houston area providing a range of services to hundreds of patients as the region struggles to get back on its feet. This support has also helped alleviate the burden on local health care professionals, many of whom worked punishing hours after the hurricane hit, some without knowing how their own homes and families had fared.

HOPE is providing a full spectrum of medical care at clinics in Katy and Tomball in partnership with Heart to Heart International as well as at the San Jose Clinic.  This includes administering tetanus immunizations to protect people as they clear out damaged and flooded homes and have to contend with mold, water contamination and a compromised sanitation system. To help prevent the spread of disease, HOPE has also delivered 500 hygiene kits with an additional 500 kits are on the way.

HOPE Meeting a Range of Needs

There is a range of unique medical conditions and needs related to the hurricane.  Some patients are presenting with chronic conditions, including rashes that are the result of wading in contaminated floodwater and our teams are also encountering some people who need psychosocial support because of the trauma of living through such a frightening national disaster.

"We’re seeing patients that have medical problems related to the storm but we’re predominantly seeing patients that need help with their chronic medical problems whether they’ve had a flare of those  problems or can’t access their doctor for medication refills,” said HOPE medical volunteer, Dr. Carolyn Apple, an emergency and internal medicine physician.

"We’re talking about people who have run out or are about to run out of medicines for their blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, or some chronic respiratory disease such as asthma."  

One of the most crucial services being provided by HOPE’s team is counseling for shocked citizens who have seen their homes and lives devastated by the storm and the floods that consumed vast tracts of southern Texas. Dr. Nancy Miller (pictured right) specializes in post-disaster mental health services and helps children and families address the emotional distress that many  face in the wake of such great loss. And HOPE nurse practitioner Carma Erickson-Hurt said the needs are in many cases psychological and emotional.

“We’re doing a lot more than just giving a tetanus shot. Each patient has an emotional story to share and we’re (here) to listen and support those patients and refer them, if necessary, to a mental health professional here at the clinic who is experienced in crisis situations and can help with some of these issues,” she said.

Our Work is Far From Complete

The impact of our team’s work is not in doubt. It’s written across the faces of people who badly need our help to help themselves. 

"I have received more hugs in the last week than I have received in the last year and some of that is sharing emotional experiences and hearing some stories,” said Dr. Apple.

As Project HOPE continues to widen its response to Hurricane Harvey, we are also acutely aware of Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that has already battered parts of the Caribbean and could hit the continental U.S. this weekend. Thank you for your continued support as we monitor the impact of these storms and continue to respond where the need is greatest. 

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Healing Wounds and Easing Stress: a HOPE Volunteer’s Front Line Story

Posted By Carma Erickson-Hurt, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Project HOPE Volunteer on September 8, 2017

Labels: Americas , United States , Disaster-Relief, Humanitarian Aid, Alumni, Volunteers

Carma is a clinical nurse specialist and member of the HOPE medical team in Katy, Texas, providing health services to people impacted by Harvey. Carma has been administering tetanus immunizations in a mobile clinic as part HOPE's partnership with Heart to Heart International.

Project HOPE Volunteers Provide Care After Hurricane Harvey

The very first day that I was here, a dad came into the clinic. He was 25 or 30 years old and he brought his five-year-old daughter. He told me how he had left his house as the waters were rising and when he started walking out of the house, he had his daughter clinging to him and the water was reaching his chest. He was petrified. I asked if he could swim and he said “no.”  He got choked up.

He got so, so scared, walking in the water and not knowing if it was going to get deeper.

And there are a lot of snakes down here in Texas that might have been swimming around him. He was petrified of snakes. He also said his daughter is traumatized because during the floods, she looked over and saw parts of her school under water -- and she had just started kindergarten. So we were able to listen to him and refer him to a counselor in the clinic and the next day he brought his daughter back to see a counselor. We were able to initiate care that he and his daughter needed. I will always remember him. 

We’ve seen over a hundred patients just in the last few days. As we give each patient a tetanus shot, we talk to them and listen to their story. We’re seeing people who are going back into their homes for the first time since the floods started receding. They’re worried about injuries, cuts, and bacteria. 

We’re also seeing a lot of teachers who are taking time off to serve the community and help people clean their homes. We’ve also seen quite a few police officers who have been deployed here from other parts of Texas. We’re also offering mental health services and educating people about how to care for wounds.

I’ve been volunteering for Project HOPE for 10 years all over the world, but this mission has a different meaning for me because it’s a disaster here at home in the United States. I have been so impressed by the community response which has been so welcoming. People openly show their gratitude for the health services we’re providing and we feel really embraced by the community and that makes a huge difference.

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Investing Deeper, Testing Courage

Pfizer Global Health Fellow volunteers with Project HOPE in India

Posted By Cathy Dunwody on September 7, 2017

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Cathy Dunwody volunteered with Project HOPE in India for three months as a Pfizer Global Health Fellow (GHF). During her Fellowship, Cathy partnered with Project HOPE SEA (South East Asia) colleagues to develop an enhanced health program communication strategy and corresponding tools. The GHF Program is Pfizer’s signature international corporate volunteer initiative that places Pfizer colleagues on short-term assignments with leading international development organizations in underserved communities around the world. Below are Cathy’s thoughts upon completion of her official assignment with Project HOPE.

I have been passionate about volunteer work for many years and wanted to apply my extensive Pfizer experiences and acquired skills to one of my core tenets – To those whom much is given, much is expected.  Given my entire career has been in an allied health care industry, I wanted to combine my passion with my professional acumen. 

Previously I have engaged in shorter term hands-on, community-focused opportunities across the United States, in Guatemala and in Mexico, and these have been some of my most important and rewarding experiences of my life. Alas, I wanted to invest more of me … to invest deeper in a volunteering experience. Participating in the Global Health Fellows program allowed me to volunteer over a longer period of time in an international setting with a premier NGO partner. It allowed me to test my courage, as well as apply my knowledge and strategies I developed over three decades of work at Pfizer in a new setting.

The overall goal for my Fellowship was to assist Project HOPE in developing an enhanced health program communication strategy and program communications tools. In partnership with the team, we were able to deliver a comprehensive communication plan with specific ideas for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and donors. Among the communication tools we developed were: the HOPESEA newsletter; a technical manual on Positive Deviants; inputs for the Project HOPE South East Asia (PH SEA) website; two-page donor “conversation starter” overviews for SEA Region as well as India, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh; donor and government project presentations and internal process support tools. 

The Fellowship afforded me the opportunity to view health care through a unique lens that provided vivid awareness and greater insight into global healthcare issues that require human, financial and technical resources. A key objective in my current role at Pfizer is to incorporate the Triple Aim into customer projects. This means working to simultaneously improve the health of a population, enhance the experience and outcomes of the patient and reduce per capita cost of care for the benefit of all in the community. These doctrines can be applied universally, and my Fellowship helped me see that the best means of improving global healthcare is to share this vision while empowering communities to incorporate local solutions. This is exactly what Project HOPE does around the globe – you activate your vision to enable local solutions to support community healthcare. 


This is exactly what Project HOPE does around the globe –
you activate your vision to enable local solutions
to support community healthcare.


Now that I am back in the US, I have committed to continuing to support Project HOPE in my personal time … and thankfully my friends in India have accepted this offer! I say friends as I know I will always have these amazing dear people in my life. The Project HOPE team and India made me a better person. I can only humbly hope that my contributions hold a value for them too.

The truest measure lies not in our service to others, but in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them.
                                                                                                                                       ~ A Buddhist Nun

Pfizer Global Health Fellow volunteers with Project HOPE in India


Medical Teams Provide HOPE and Care in Texas

on September 7, 2017

Labels: Americas , United States , Disaster-Relief, Humanitarian Aid, Health Systems Strengthening, Volunteers

More than a dozen HOPE medical volunteers are on the ground in Texas providing health services to victims of Hurricane Harvey. HOPE’s team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and mental health professionals are providing a range of health services around the Houston area.

Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Response

Some care is as simple as providing critical tetanus shots to protect people as they prepare to go back to their flood-damaged homes.

Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Response

HOPE’s team is also providing much-needed psychosocial support from experts experienced in disaster situations.

(Watch a video of volunteer Dr. Nancy Miller, as she speaks about the importance of incorporating mental health counseling into over health care following disasters.) 

Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Response

Project HOPE has also delivered 500 hygiene kits for people impacted by Harvey and an additional 500 kits are on the way.

As Project HOPE continues to widen its response to the health care consequences of Hurricane Harvey, we are also tracking Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that has already battered parts of the Caribbean and could hit the continental U.S. this weekend. Thank you for your continued support as we monitor the health impact of these storms and continue to respond where the need is greatest. 

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