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Latest Update:

March 2016

Bill Walsh, Jr., Marcia Petrini, Ph.D., FAAN and Cary Kimble have embarked on assembling a writing team to document Project HOPE’s extensive and impressive work in China beginning in 1983. The product will be similar to the monograph on HOPE’s Health Care Management program in Central and Eastern Europe (1992-2009).

July 2015

The purpose of the Histories Project is to record remembrances, engage alumni, document accomplishments, and provide long-term outcome information to help with fundraising and new grant proposals. Using the questions below, please submit your remembrances and, if possible, a captioned photo to John Wilhelm for use on our website, newsletter or virtual gallery.  

  1. How did you come to consider working for Project HOPE?
  2. Please describe your HOPE experience(s). What stood out the most?
  3. How did your time with HOPE influence your personal life and/or career?
  4. How did you interact with your host country counterparts and what impressed you the most?
  5. Please provide contact information (especially email) for counterparts if you have remained in contact with them. We would like to build our international database.
  6. Have you returned to the site of your HOPE experience? If yes, what evidence did you see of Project HOPE's work during your visit?

Past Updates:

April 2015:

Central and Eastern Europe - At the April 9-10, 2015 alumni board meeting in Millwood, Debbie Reister and Bill Walsh, Jr. presented an almost completed document titled Preparing Healthcare Managers on a Global Scale --- A Project HOPE Experience regarding HOPE’s Health Care Management Program in Central and Eastern Europe.  The document includes “lessons learned”.  Some progress is being made on the Nursing Centers for Excellence program.

Brazil – The questionnaire to 100 Brazil alumni who served in Natal and 100 in Maceio has been mailed.  We are reaching out to our Brazilian counterparts. 

China Nursing - The acceptance of an abstract about HOPE nursing in China has been the impetus for a paper to be presented at the International Council of Nursing in Seoul, Korea on June 22.  Nancy Savage, Dorothy Aeschliman,


As anticipated, the returns are slow on both the Nursing Education and Health Care Management surveys for Central Europe. Continued outreach is planned for 2015.

The Brazil database is being developed. Alumni will be asked to add updated contact information for almost 100 alumni who served in Maceio while HOPE Center begins work on the Natal group.

Central and Eastern Europe -  A questionnaire was sent by Survey Monkey to 1,500 graduates of Project HOPE’s Health Care Management Program which was conducted from 1995 – 2009.  A questionnaire was also sent to the HOPE nursing leadership for the Nursing Centers for Excellence. 

Brazil – The current effort has been to develop a database of Brazil alumni which will include our counterparts.  If you can help us enlarge the database, please forward the contact information to  We were fortunate have been contacted by a nurse graduate of the school HOPE helped establish in Natal.  He is doing his doctoral work at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil and has chosen the HOPE Nurses and the Development of Nursing in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil as his thesis project. His findings will be an important component of our project

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