October 22, 2012

Insulin is so expensive in Tajikistan that most people with diabetes in this country cannot even afford to buy it.  The average annual per capita income in Tajikistan was $780 in 2011, while one year’s supply of insulin cost about $380.   

Fortunately Project HOPE and its generous corporate partners have donated $320 million in medicine and medical supplies including insulin over the past 10 years. Tajik diabetes patients of all ages and their families have expressed immense gratitude for the free insulin and syringes they receive.

Diabetes patients in Tajikistan.

Mekhron Jaborov, 13, from Vakhdat has been insulin dependent for nine years.Mekhron’s father earns only $50 per month as a builder on which he must support a wife and four children. The free insulin provided by Project HOPE and its generous donors is a huge help to Mekhron and his family. They are very grateful.

Diabetes patients in Tajikistan.

Harissa Hamroyeva, 11, from Dushanbe has been insulin dependent for two years. Harissa’s mother Dilorom Hamroyeva said, “My husband must work in Russia as a builder to earn money for Harissa’s treatment because the medicine and the treatment are so expensive. I thank Project HOPE and the donors. This is a big support to our family.”

Diabetes patients in Tajikistan.

Zukhal Sharipova, 23, from Dushanbe was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.She is a mother of two.Her husband works as a builder in Russia. Zukhal said, “This medicine is very expensive for me.My husband sends us money, but it’s too little. Thanks to Project HOPE and the donors, I can receive insulin free of charge. It’s a big help to me and my family. Now I can return to my children. I miss them very much.”

Diabetes patients in Tajikistan.

Adalat Urunboeva, 35, from Dushanbe has been suffering from diabetes for five years. She works as a house cleaner and cares for her mother Marifat Urunboeva.Marifat has been suffering from diabetes for 25 years and has been bedridden for three years. Adolat said, “I can’t get a good paying job because my mother needs care for her disability and she can’t watch my baby. I thank Project HOPE and the donors from all my heart for free insulin and insulin syringes. It is such great support not only for me, but for all of my family!”

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