Millwood, VA, September 17, 2012
Young Philanthropist Taylor Vaughn Supports HOPE Online

Taylor Vaughn may only be 11-years old, but she has the heart and determination of a seasoned philanthropist.

Moved by the devastation she witnessed on the news following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2010, Taylor mobilized her friends to raise money and awareness for HOPE’s relief efforts through folding 1,000 white origami cranes and raising nearly $1,500 online.

“I really feel for the kids that have to go through so much trauma when they are so young. They may have lost their families or close friends and I want to help any way I can,” she says.

Young Philanthropist Taylor Vaughn Supports HOPE Online

Now in 7th grade, Taylor is at it again. This time she is raising funds to support HOPE’s continuing efforts to better the health of children around the world, especially the children being treated at the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center

Taylor had the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center last fall, and was able to meet some of the children benefiting from HOPE’s health education programs. “It was really touching seeing the young children. They were so sweet,” she says. “They have been through a lot of surgery, especially the young ones with serious illnesses. My friend Dana (Nieh) and I gave them gifts like little stuffed animals and toys to help make them happier and give them something to play with.”

Taylor has set up a new fundraising page using HOPE’s brand new Do It Yourself Fundraising tool.

Young Philanthropist Taylor Vaughn Supports HOPE Online

And already funds are coming in.  “It only takes like a few clicks and a few minutes. It’s very easy to set up a website,” she says. “I personalized my page to tell about the children at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, then added my contact list and sent out one email to everyone.”

Taylor even has some tips for others eager to explore their fundraising expertise. “Be creative and think about the culture of the people they are trying to help,” she advises. “For Japan, I decided to create origami cranes because are a symbol of hope in the culture.”

And of course, Taylor likes to get her friends involved. “Get a group of friends at school to help you with brainstorming ideas and raising funds,” she says. “Setting up a web page is a great idea too. It is easy to do and can help you raise a lot of money.”

Visit Taylor's fundraising page and help her raise more donations for children's health or set up your own personal fundraising page today!

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