Chui Region, Kyrgyzstan, September 6, 2013

In modern Kyrgyz society the social and living conditions for individuals coping with disabilities are very challenging.  The Ministry of Social Development in Kyrgyzstan is focusing a lot of attention on addressing the problem of mobility for disabled individuals.

Project HOPE is providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Kyrgyzstan in the form of walkers, canes, crutches, orthopedic goods and sanitary and hygienic supplies, as well as “Personal Energy Transportation”(P.E.T.) devices to help individuals with serious mobility problems.

Here are the stories of some of the individuals in Kyrgyzstan who have benefited from these donated P.E.T. devices.

Edir, 60, lives in the village Milangan in the Chui region. Twelve years ago suffered a massive left side stroke, which caused a partial limit to the movement of his limbs on the right side and a speech disturbance.  He walks with a cane, but gets tired very quickly.  He did not have the financial resources to buy a wheelchair, and it would have been quite difficult to operate with one hand.  When Edir received a donated P.E.T. in June 2012, he learned to operate it with one hand very quickly.  Now he can go outside and even ride to visit fellow villagers.

Alexandr, 58, who lives in the village Alamudin in the Chui region went to work one day in January 2012 and did not return home.  Two days later, his wife found him beaten by unknown people on the outskirts of the village.  Alexandr suffered a severe cerebral injury which required two operations on the brain.  He was bedridden and could not speak.  Thanks to good care and the help of his wife Vera, Alexandr got better.  Receipt of a P.E.T. last year played a very important role in Alexandr’s rehabilitation process.  He was finally able to get around by himself.  Operating the P.E.T. helped Alexandr strengthen his hand and shoulder muscles.

Ali, 56, lives in the village Tup in the Issyk-Kul region.  Ali worked on a collective farm for 20 years as a machine operator, the head of a brigade.  He was known as a very busy man, a great specialist and a responsible family man. Ali has had rheumatoid arthritis for more than 15 years.  As his condition worsened, he had to quit his job and receive disability.  It became difficult for him to walk.  For such a hard-working man, it was difficult for Ali to stay at home.  In 2012 Ali received a P.E.T.  Now he can ride with the P.E.T. in his big yard and help his wife and children with chores.  Sometimes he even uses the P.E.T. to visit relatives.

Ilyas, 18, lives with his large family in the village Birdik in the Chui region.  Ilyas was born with a spinal marrow hernia and hip displacement on both sides.  In spite of many operations, he is unable to walk by himself.  Ilyas walks only on crutches and with great difficulty. Since he had grown out of a child’s wheelchair, he spent most of his time at home.  In June 2012 Ilyas was provided with a P.E.T. free of of charge.  His family has a big yard and garden where he can ride the P.E.T.  He even goes on the street.  Ilyas finds the P.E.T very easy and comfortable to use.

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