Maxixe, Mozambique, April 29, 2013

Project HOPE is working with vulnerable families in Mozambique with the Community Care HIV/AIDS Services Strengthening Project (CCP).  Project HOPE is teaching the vulnerable individuals about HIV prevention and treatment.  We are also providing the families with ways to accumulate savings and earn funds to improve their well-being.  The goal of the CCP program is to improve the health and quality of life of HIV-positive women, orphans and vulnerable children and their families by strengthening the community-based continuum of care for those individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

Juliazarda is one of those vulnerable individuals Project HOPE is helping in Mozambique.  She shared a remarkable story of recovery.

Juliazarda was widowed after her husband passed away from HIV.   She too was found to be HIV-positive.  Fortunately, their child had not contracted the virus.  Juliazarda was able to access treatment through Project HOPE’s CCP program, but when she recovered her health, she had no means for income and no opportunities to rebuild her life. 

Juliazarda had heard about a women's savings group in her community of Maxixe, which was formed by the Project HOPE sub-grantee Kukula.  The group welcomed Juliazarda, and through them she was able to access small loans to start up a business trading second-hand clothing and bedding.  As she is a hard worker, this business became successful, and she was able to rebuild her life.  Juliazarda was so thankful for the new-found prosperity that she adopted an orphaned child.  She is now building an improved house for her thriving family.

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