Medical Supplies Flowing In to Save Lives

July 1, 2015

Dr. Filipce Shows How You’re Making a Difference


Dr. Filipce, a brilliant neurosurgeon and Project HOPE volunteer, is grateful for your help supplying his country of Macedonia with medicine, medical supplies and equipment.

When you meet Dr. Venko Filipce, his relaxed, friendly manner immediately puts you at ease. He’s a gifted neurosurgeon, and thankfully for us, he’s also a dedicated Project HOPE volunteer.

In his country of Macedonia, poverty is widespread, especially in rural villages, where people scratch out a living by farming or other hard work.

But Dr. Filipce is making a difference, thanks to Project HOPE and you.

“Project HOPE is doing great work in Macedonia,” he says. “They’re bringing medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and equipment — these are things that are always needed. This can be everything from antibiotics to medicine for cancer to instruments for surgery to huge equipment — for example, a machine for a neurosurgery center.”

These medicines and supplies flow into Macedonia because of your support. But as vital as they are, they’re not the only help you provide.

“Project HOPE is also bringing expertise,” Dr. Filipce says. “There are people from Project HOPE working in the field of pediatric medicine, and people doing training of young doctors and nurses.” You’re making this possible, too.

Because Dr. Filipce is a neurosurgeon, he gets supplies from Project HOPE that enable him to perform surgery to cure life-threatening brain disease.

“This is a disease that manifests very brutally,” he says. “Patients have sudden headaches. They have vomiting. They cannot look at the light. Their consciousness can be affected. And they can be in a coma. But with this surgery, we are saving the life of the patient.”

This is the good you do by sending medicine and supporting dedicated healers like Dr. Filipce. You help save lives halfway around the world! Thank you.

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