Your Support Saved Her … and Changed Her Life

Honduras, January 15, 2015
You saved Sonia's life with your support. Read on to find out how.

It was just last year. That’s when Sonia happened to take part in a cancer-screening event held in Honduras by Project HOPE. She felt fine, of course, but she thought it would be a good idea. That was a fateful day, it turns out.

Because that day, Sonia got the worst news of her life.

The nurse performing the screening suddenly looked concerned. Finally, she turned to Sonia and told her that she’d seen something unusual in the test. Something scary. It
was a tumor. And it could turn cancerous.

Fear latched onto Sonia’s heart. Could she survive cancer? What would her children and family do without her? She was poor and struggling — how could she afford a doctor and hospital treatment?

Thankfully, there was a clinic. It was a gift of good fortune for Sonia. She met with the doctor who explained that, yes, the news was bad, but there was a cure — surgery.

When the nurse wheeled her into the operating room, Sonia was a little scared, but the surgery went fine. The tumor was removed, and she soon made a complete recovery.

Lifesaving help would be amazing enough, but there’s more.

Working with Project HOPE, Sonia has become part of our Village Health Bank program. And by investing, saving and receiving a loan through this program, she’s been able to build her tiny business to the point where she can support herself and even pay for her children’s education.

Lifesaving help and financial security — that would be amazing enough, but there’s still more.

For years, Sonia had been tragically victimized by an abusive husband. One day, he beat her savagely and threw her out of the house. Our Project HOPE workers were there for Sonia. They helped her get support, both for herself and her children, as well as job training to make sure she stays financially independent. They even helped Sonia secure a restraining order to protect herself and her family.

Today, Sonia is happier and healthier than she ever dreamed possible. And for the first time in her life, because of your generous and caring support, she has the most wonderful thing of all — hope for the future.

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