January 15, 2015


You know those shipping labels we send you? Once you return them, we affix them to the boxes of medicine and medical supplies we send into poverty zones.

Video: How Your Gift Multiplies in Impact. Watch the video here!

1. We receive the medicine and supplies from our corporate partners, donated to us for free.

2. We store the supplies in our warehouse. But “store” doesn’t begin to describe it. We log in and inventory all supplies, place them in temperature- and humidity-controlled containers and monitor everything for damage, temperature and expiration. We treat this cargo like the treasure it is.

We receive boxes and boxes of medicine and medical supplies, donated to us by our partners. We store it in our warehouse, treating it like the treasure it is, before shipping it out to save lives.

3. We send the supplies to where they’re needed. But we don’t send them randomly. The medicine and medical supplies must be requested before we ship them. There has to be a proven need. And we send the supplies only to the facilities that ask for them, never to a general collection point.

What’s more, the clinics receiving the supplies have to demonstrate their ability to store and use them properly. They have to account for them at all times. Once the supplies are there, we follow up and monitor to make sure they were put to use.

This special temperature- and humidity-controlled unit is where we store precious medicines donated to us by our partners before they’re shipped.

We do all this so the medical supplies we send on your behalf do exactly what you intend — saves lives. “It’s great to send a million dollars of medicine and equipment somewhere, but if it can’t be used properly, it’s useless for helping people,” said Chuck Clark, Project HOPE’s Distribution Manager. “We go the extra mile to ensure that every Project HOPE donor knows we’re honoring their generosity to the fullest extent — and multiplying their generosity every time.”

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