You’re Still Saving Lives

April 27, 2016

In April 2015 in Nepal, the earth shook and split open. This cataclysmic tragedy left victims dying under rubble. Corpses in the street. Aftershocks collapsing homes. People sleeping under tarps, living in tent villages, lacking safe water and sanitation, vulnerable to disease.

You responded with compassion, and in the immediate aftermath, your generosity helped to send $7.5 million of medicine. You enabled our volunteers to devote 2,256 hours of service. As a result, 50,661 people in need got emergency help.

A year later, the work continues. Your support is now backing a two-year program for moms, babies and children still suffering in Nepal after the earthquake. This program will:

  • Train health workers and increase their numbers to help more people in need.
  • Increase the access to hospitals and clinics for people who need care.
  • Create better sanitation to stop the spread of disease.
  • Educate moms on how to keep their children safe from disease with better hygiene.
  • Improve food supplies and fight malnutrition through better crop yields, home gardens and more.
  • At every step, the program will be tracked to produce the best results for as many people in need as possible. This is your support at work. And because of it, the heath care system in Nepal will be stronger, more compassionate and better prepared to handle the next crisis. You’re creating real change in Nepal with practical on-the-ground solutions that save lives.

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