Now This Mom Has a Future, Thanks to You

January 12, 2016
Mired in Poverty and Facing Disease
Mired in Poverty and Facing Disease

Anna is a mom living in Namibia, and she’s taking care of four orphaned children in her village. 

In order to make a life for her family, she made the decision to join the Village Savings and Loan, sponsored by Project HOPE. This program is a way for villagers to save money, earn interest and get loans.

“We saved what money we had,” Anna says. “I took loans to buy my business selling grilled meat.”

Because of the Village Savings and Loan, people in poverty have a way to start kitchen-table businesses, build homes, buy goats and livestock, buy school uniforms for the children, get health care and more. They join together, depend on one another and lift themselves out of poverty.

“I managed to construct a room for my oldest child who used to sleep in a hut,” Anna says. “I paid the constructor from the money I saved.”

People in poverty are more vulnerable to diseases, including killers like tuberculosis and HIV. But when they can create an income, things change. Economic development produces better health care, which enables people to work and take care of their families. 

A cycle of success begins, and lives improve.

Anna has become the president of two Village Savings and Loans that joined to create the Okakwa group. This new Village Savings and Loan is thriving. They’re doing so well that they even bought a small piece of land to build an office. They have drive. They have enthusiasm. And they have your support. There’s no stopping them now!


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