$47 Million of Medicine and Supplies Sent, Thanks to You

January 12, 2016
Stocking the Clinics
Stocking the Clinics

Look past the lush golf courses and gleaming resorts in the travel brochures, and you see the reality of the Dominican Republic — grinding poverty and killer diseases.

You helped to send $47 million of medicine and medical supplies to help these suffering people.

Your gifts multiplied 105 times in impact to send this treasure to two clinics supported by Project HOPE in the Dominican Republic. One is in the village of Monte Plata, and the other in the village of Haina.

You sent supplies that doctors and nurses need to treat and cure people who are suffering. This includes items like:

  • Emergency kits — provides medicine and medical equipment to save lives in an emergency.
  • Examination tables — allows doctors and nurses to treat patients.
  • Ultrasound systems — provides critical information for diagnosing diseases.
  • Power TENS electrothermal therapy machines — aids in recovery after injury and surgery.
  • Digiflex hand rehabilitators — provides therapy after injury.
  • Theraband rehabilitation exercise bands — helps patients recover after surgery.
  • Examination lamps — helps doctors with diagnoses.
  • Nutrition supplements — saves children and adults from starvation.
  • Crutches — necessary after injuries.
  • Prenatal supplements — protects children and moms from malnutrition.
  • Infant balance-beam scales — weighs newborns.
  • Ophthalmoscopes — allows doctors to diagnose eye diseases.

These supplies are desperately needed. In Monte Plata and Haina, people lack safe water, sanitation and adequate housing. They’re malnourished. They have virtually no health care.

Living on a few dollars a day, they work as migrant farmers or in other subsistence jobs, if they can find them. They’re isolated, and they’re vulnerable. Their lives depend on the medicine and supplies you send.

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