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Dominican Republic, January 18, 2017
By: Katherine Mabel Hilario GarcĂ­a

Katherine Mabel Hilario García works as a logistician managing Project HOPE’s Gifts-In-Kind program in the Dominican Republic. Her Snapshot of HOPE photo essay, Closing the Circle, explains the important role of the clinic staff, to not only care for patients, but model healthy behaviors.

At the clinic, we work on a daily basis with mothers and their kids. As they are part of the community, they have become an extended version our family. However, when one of our very own staff becomes a mother and puts into practice what we teach, it’s not only a moment of joy but also an example for that extended family and future moms.

Dr. Jesurun, the OBGYN at the clinic talks to the mothers waiting for their appointments.

OB-GYN doctor talks to Dominican Republican parents

Dr. Jesurun welcomes Ruth, a clinic staff member who is in charge of the community outreach at the clinic, but this time, Ruth is the patient. Ruth brings her newborn baby, now 10 days old, to the clinic for her first check-up. This is a practice she ensures other mothers follow after giving birth.

Doctor with mother and baby in Dominican Republic health clinic

Dr. Jesurun holds the baby for a quick check.

Doctor holds newborn in Dominican Republic health clinic.

Ruth's baby rests peacefully while waiting for her first check up. Ruth will be awarded her 5-Star recognition for attending all her prenatal checkups and pediatric checkups, and for agreeing to exclusively breastfeed her baby. Ruth is now, a proud member of the revered group that she has encouraged so many other mothers to be a part of. Ruth can now use her own example of good health practices to encourage many new moms.

Sleeping baby in Dominican Republic health clinic

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