April 21, 2017

Financial Times Asia Healthcare Summit

An aging population combined with longer life expectancy, as well as changing diets and lifestyles, has been altering Asia region’s health profile. The surge in age-related health care requirements and the growing incidence of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) has put an additional burden on health care systems. Governments have been increasing their health investment but need more collaborative actions with the private sector to tackle the emerging health challenges in the region.

Financial Times (FT) Asia is conducting a Summit on Asia Healthcare & Life Sciences April 25, to discuss these challenges and opportunities including sessions on how the private sector improves and benefits from a transforming health care landscape perspective.

Project HOPE is a supporting partner of the Summit and Dr.Laxmikant Palo, HOPE’s Southeast Asia Regional Director, will be participating in a panel discussion, A Closer Look at Diabetes in Asia, to address how nonprofit organizations are working with governments to solve these problems.

“The growing burden of NCDs in Asia can be tackled with the power of partnership and the collaborative and leadership efforts by the public and private sectors,” said Dr. Palo. “Project HOPE has been working for a long time in the space of NCDs globally. In India and the subcontinent, our NCD programs are designed on a continuum of prevention to care model and focus on interventions needed for the prevention, pre-disease and disease stage care and management. To achieve our objectives of maximizing advocacy and program impacts for scaling up, we employ a range of strategies for collective and collaborative actions in partnership with public and private sectors. This is a great opportunity for us to not just share our experiences, but also create a network around the Asian subcontinent to work together to combat NCDs in the region.”

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