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Gifts of appreciated securities and mutual funds can be extremely beneficial -- to both you and Project HOPE. Gifts of marketable stocks or mutual fund shares that have appreciated (increased in value) can have an immediate impact -- and also create an immediate income tax deduction based on the assets' current value and avoid capital gains tax.

Electronic Transfer of Stock Gifts - Four Easy Steps:

1. Select the stocks

2. Select the number of shares

3. Instruct your broker to transfer

4. Contact Project HOPE's Planned Giving Office with the name and number of the shares. Without such notice, gifts of stocks or mutual funds may be transferred to our Merrill Lynch account without the identity of the donor, making proper credit and timely acknowledgment extremely difficult.

Electronic Transfer Instructions:

• Broker: Ms. Maria Komianos

• DTC #: 5198

• Acct. #: 758-04526

• Brokerage Firm: Merrill Lynch

• Broker Address: P O Box 1899, Richmond, Virginia 23218-1899

• Broker Phone: 804-780-1433

Project HOPE's Federal ID# is 53-0242962.

The valuation will be based upon the median share price on the date of transfer into the Project HOPE account, or the date on which a new certificate was issued in Project HOPE's name, or using the postmark date if certificates are mailed directly to Project HOPE with the appropriate release documentation.

If you hold the stock certificates yourself, please contact the Planned Giving Office at 1-800-544-4673, ext. 472 or via email at A staff member can walk you through the physical transfer requirements.

If you would like to transfer shares of a mutual fund to Project HOPE, please have your mutual fund agent contact the Planned Giving Office at 1-800-544-4673, ext. 472 or via email at because every mutual fund company has different procedures.

Project HOPE Planned Giving Office 255 Carter Hall Lane P.O. Box 250 Millwood, VA 22646