As countries strive to meet new health standards, economic resources are burdened beyond capacity. In many areas the Ministries of Health are not able to afford some of the basic, essential medications needed by the hospitals and secondary health units throughout the countries. The Strategic Medical Re-Supply program was designed to provide short-term relief to allow the countries to re-align their limited health budget to address priority health reform issues. By providing donations of critical need medical materials, countries are better able to provide improved medical care for their patients and – as a result of the savings to their procurement budgets – are able to divert some of their limited resources to areas of high priority health reforms.

Kosovo is one of the countries benefiting from Project HOPE’s multi-country Strategic Medical Re-Supply Program (SMRP). Through this humanitarian assistance program, Project HOPE ships donated medicines, medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and health clinics in Kosovo so that the limited resources of these medical institutions can be applied to improving quality of care for their patients.

Since the beginning of the SMRP in 2010, Project HOPE has delivered medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment in value of more than $51 million to the Public Health Institutions in the country.  

Throughout HOPE’s volunteer platform, significant numbers of volunteers from the United States have spent time at University Clinical Center in Pristina providing support as well as peer-to-peer education to local personnel.


Project HOPE was one of the first responders to the humanitarian crisis in Kosovo right after the war in 1999. We provided numerous shipments of medicine and medical supplies to the country, which was seriously affected by the bombing and left with almost no infrastructure. In 2000, Project HOPE, in partnership with the World Health Organization, implemented family medicine retraining programs.

In 2003, with support from the Swedish International Development Agency, Project HOPE began implementing a three-year program to fight HIV/AIDS in the Western Balkans.  In this program, Project HOPE worked with 17 local NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDs in the area of prevention for vulnerable populations.  We also provided training on different HIV/AIDS related subjects to infectious disease specialists and primary care physicians.

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