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The Syrian Refugee Crisis Has Become the Worst Humanitarian Disaster of Our Time

Project HOPE is gravely concerned for the health of millions of Syrian refugees who continue to flee war-ravaged Syria, many of whom are attempting the dangerous trek by land or sea to Europe. Our staff in Macedonia continue to coordinated with the Macedonian Ministry of Health to deliver shipments of critically needed medicines and medical supplies and provide volunteer medical support to help refugees traveling through the country. Learn More

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Since the outbreak of civil war in March 2011, more than four million Syrians have fled their homes and taken refuge in other countries.  Since the Syrian war began, Project HOPE has shipped more than $100 million of donated medicines to help displaced children, women and men living in refugee camps and volunteer medical teams are supporting local medical staff in Macedonian to care for the thousands of refugees traveling through the country.

Project HOPE has a long history of engagement in the Balkans, including HOPE’s response to the refugee crisis created by the war in Kosovo in 1999 with the provision of critically needed medicines.