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Dengue Fever Outbreaks and the Health Implications of the Climate Crisis

In response to the uptick in Dengue fever cases worldwide, Project HOPE’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Uche Ralph-Opara, said:

“The rise in reported cases of dengue fever is alarming and requires urgent attention from health authorities and local communities. Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne illness, poses a significant threat to public health, especially in regions where it is endemic, but in the past year we are seeing an uptick in Dengue fever cases in places like Europe and the United States due to rising temperatures. The recent surge in cases in places like Puerto Rico, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates is a stark reminder of the importance of continued efforts to prevent and control vector-borne diseases.

As a global health organization, we strongly recommend that individuals are diligent in applying insect repellents and wearing loose fitting clothing that covers exposed skin, in addition to using screens or mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bites – even in regions not historically prone to Dengue fever.

The interconnectedness of our health and the wellbeing our planet is undeniable. As the climate crisis persists, we are bracing up for a surge in temperature-related health challenges, including Dengue and malaria. This underscores the critical importance of ramping up community health education initiatives and providing proactive training of health workers on the symptoms and treatment of vector-borne diseases as they expand into new geographical areas.

At Project HOPE, we remain committed to supporting initiatives that focus on disease prevention, community education, health worker training, and access to quality health care services. By working with local health systems, we can effectively control infectious diseases and protect vulnerable populations from their impacts.”

Project HOPE has a long history of partnering with local communities to strengthen health systems and respond to emergencies and health crises brought on by disasters, conflicts, and disease outbreaks. 


Project HOPE has public health experts available for interviews. For media inquiries, contact media@projecthope.org.

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