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New Report Calls for Empowering Health Workers to Build Climate Resilience

A new report released today by Project HOPE and Deloitte Consulting underscores the urgent need to strengthen the health workforce’s capability to adapt to the escalating impacts of climate change on health systems and patient care around the globe. 

The report, “Empowering the Health Care Workforce for a Climate-Resilient Future,” explores how climate change exacerbates health issues, disrupts services and supply chains, and prevents optimal patient care delivery. Highlighting the intersection of climate change and health, the report presents findings that demand immediate attention and action: 

  • Staggering impact: If unaddressed, climate change could cause 14.5 million additional deaths and $12.5 trillion in economic losses globally by 2050, potentially exceeding $175 trillion by 2070. 
  • Essential tools and support: Health workers require robust tools and support systems to effectively manage the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change while continuing to provide care to affected communities. 
  • Organization and individual strengthening: It is critical to strengthen the health workforce at both organizational and individual levels to ensure continuity of care and effective response to climate threats.

Dr. Uche Ralph-Opara, Project HOPE’s Chief Health Officer, said: 

“Climate change poses an existential threat to global health. Health workers are our first line of defense against the health impacts of a rapidly changing climate, yet they cannot confront this monumental challenge alone. The global health sector must prioritize investing in training, resources, and support structures to empower our health workforce to adapt and respond innovatively as climate change impacts intensify. Building resilience within our health workforce is crucial not only for protecting their well-being but also for safeguarding the lives of millions in communities most vulnerable to climate catastrophes.” 

The full report can be viewed here.

Dr. Uche Ralph-Opara and other Project HOPE staff are available for interviews. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact media@projecthope.org

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