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Reducing Infant Mortality in Macedonia

Reducing Infant Mortality in Macedonia

April 5, 2017

mother and newborn baby in Macedonia health clinic

Project HOPE Germany has launched a multi-year program aimed at increasing the chances of survival for premature babies in Macedonia. PeriMAC enables comprehensive improvements to pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care.

In cooperation with the Macedonian Ministry of Health, Project HOPE will run an extensive campaign addressing pregnant women and their families, calling attention to the vital importance of basic medical examinations and care.

HOPE’s plans include educating gynecologists and health care workers at smaller clinics so they recognize high-risk pregnancies at an early stage, counteracting complications or making the appropriate preparations for delivery.

Maternal and newborn health in Macedonia

Initial plans include developing a Perinatal Center of Excellence that encompasses both the University Children’s Hospital, Skopje, and the Mother Teresa Maternity Hospital, Skopje. This would enable medical staff to more competently and thoroughly treat diseases that are associated with high-risk pregnancies and prematurity. In order to accomplish this, Project HOPE needs support in the form of modern medical equipment as well as the financial resources to provide the associated advanced trainings.

Another focus of the program is to optimize both the logistics and the administration of baby transport throughout the country. Presently, three quarters of premature babies born in Macedonia must be transferred to the capital (Skopje) for treatment, and there is inadequate care during this transport.

PeriMAC program for maternal and newborn health

Finally, Project HOPE plans to establish a team of biomedical engineers to ensure safe installation of the equipment and sustained operation in the hospitals. Currently, a lack of biomedical engineers leads to hazards in health care workers using medical equipment.

For more than 20 years Project HOPE Germany has been improving the effectiveness of health care systems for mothers and newborns in Eastern Europe.

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