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Message from Alumni Association President, John Wilhelm

The Association’s liaison at HOPE Center, Brooke Herndon, did a great job in hosting alumni luncheons in Cape Coral, FL (Ft. Myers) on March 8 and in West Palm Beach on March 9.  Although the numbers at these, our first gatherings, were small, the updates from Rich Rumsey, HOPE Vice President for Development and Communication, and the engagement with the alumni were wonderful.


Cape Coral Luncheon

(See Photo above)

Dr. Mary Jo O’Sullivan, who worked with HOPE in Jamaica at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in the early 1970s, told the group that she continues to be a part of the UWI OB-Gyne Department twice a year and has, on occasion, served as an external examiner.  Dr. O’Sullivan  mentioned some of the continuing needs at the Department (urogynecologist and neonatologist) and hoped that there may be an opportunity for her short-term service with HOPE in the future. 

James Guynn (pharmacist) and his wife Marilyn (nurse) met on the Guinea Voyage and now live near Cape Coral. It was very informative to hear about their HOPE experiences.

Nurses Diane Speranza (Orlando area) and Marty Henderson are alumni from the Navy Missions.  Diane has served with HOPE seven times beginning with the Tsunami and Marty in both 2005 and 2013 (Haiti).

We had hoped to see David Edwards, Jamaica, Guatemala and HOPE Center, who lives in Cape Coral but he and his wife, Georgia, were traveling.

Alumni Board Meeting

The majority of our 30 member Alumni Board will meet in Millwood April 3-4.  Among the agenda items are decisions for the use of the Alumni Funds; input on additional content for this website; and a tour of HOPE’s warehouse by its director, Scott Crawford, who will inform the Board about its routine operations including the current assistance efforts for the Philippines.  Chuck Clark will show the Board a portion of the Archives. 

HOPE Wuhan Nursing School

You may want to follow HOPE Nurse Sharon Redding’s experiences during her semester in China.  She is in Wuhan with HOPE colleague, Linda Rice, from Arizona.  You may access Sharon’s blog at

Contact Information for Alumni Association Staff Liaison

Contact Information for the Alumni Association Officers

HOPE Remembers

  • Joseph Parks, M.D. – Radiology (Nicaragua, Ceylon, Tunisia and Colombia) - February 6, 2013

*Please note that Martin Lees, M.D. was previously listed in error.

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