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Dr.  Mohandas Bhat HOPE dentist in Brazil (1977-1980) and Program Director, HOPE Nurse Sharon Redding, Mrs. (Chitra) Bhat at lunch in Washington, D.C. 

Welcome to the Alumni Association!

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to inform alumni on the progress of Project HOPE, and to continuously support the organization through the knowledge, skills, financial resources, and loyalty of its alumni; to communicate and interpret the goals, achievements, and current programs efforts to others; and to promote a spirit of unity and loyalty among former program volunteers, staff, counterparts, and friends.

Now Online: #HOPEISALIVE Alumni Videos

Join the Alumni Facebook Page!

If you are on Facebook, you can now join the Project HOPE Alumni Group. Just visit the page, and click the JOIN button in the banner image on the page.

History Project - Update

Central and Eastern Europe:  Progress continues with additional input from former HOPE regional directors Judit Csiszar, MD, and Tim Empkie, MD, as well as staff from local offices:  Helen Jungova in the Czech Republic and Dorota Kuchna in Poland.  It is already gratifying to recognize the growth of Project HOPE's Health Care Management Program from a class of 24 students in 1992 to a total of 3,500 graduates in 2009.  A questionnaire to graduates will be send (via Survey Monkey) this month.

Brazil:  Contact has been made with some HOPE Brazil alumni and counterparts both in Natal and Maceio.  The next six months will be devoted to the Brazil database.  If you have names and contact information for Brazil alumni and counterparts, please forward them along with remembrances and photos for Brazil and other HOPE experiences to John Wilhelm at


HOPE Remembers

  • Warren R. Schaub, Paramedic (Barbados, Costa Rica, Granada, Honduras), September 31, 2014.
  • Richard Satran, MD/Neurology, (Maceio, Brazil), September20, 2014.
  • Alexander Spock, MD/Pediatrics (Columbia, Tunisia, Poland), October 3, 2014.
  • Hugh Cooper, DDS (Nicaragua, Ganado, TX), September 12, 2014.
  • Val Vebber, Medical Records Administrator, (Brazil - Natal, Ceylon) September 28, 2014

Contact Information for Alumni Association Staff Liaison

Contact Information for the Alumni Association Officers

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