Alumni Reunion
October 7-8, 2016

Seventy-three alumni were joined by 17 guests and 4 HOPE Center staff for a celebratory and informative event. The Abbott Welcome Reception was highlighted by the announcement that the Alumni Board had established The Dorothy Aeschliman Nursing Education Fund to honor Dorothy Aeschliman’s long career with HOPE. A committee which will include Dorothy Aeschliman will develop guidelines and review proposals for international nursing activities that will be supported by the fund.

Board president John Wilhelm reviewed the Association’s progress a) Structure: adding two conference call Board meetings, establishing an alumni edition of the newsletter, initiating a website and Facebook page as well as enlarging the Board with the addition of the three Walsh sons, two HOPE Center alumni, one alumna from Health Affairs and an international alumna b) Expanding giving opportunities with the addition of The Dorothy Aeschliman Fund and c) Documenting HOPE’s history with the initiation of the Virtual Gallery and the completion of the monograph on HOPE’s Healthcare Management Program (1995-2009) in Central and Eastern Europe(CEE). A writing team is being organized by Carolyn Kruger for a monograph on HOPE’s extensive China Programs which began in 1983. Updates on the Virtual Gallery (Debra Reister), Association finances (Bill Layden) and the monographs (Debra Reister and Carolyn Kruger) were provided.

Alumnus Dr. Tom Kenyon, having just completed his first year as president and CEO, informed the alumni about the 21 countries in which HOPE is currently working and talked broadly about repositioning Project HOPE as an innovative organization in a world that is very different from 1958 when the SS HOPE was introduced. Education, community health, health systems strengthening and targeted gift-in-kind will be the new hallmarks. Franklin Guerrero, VP for Development and Communication, discussed strategies for disseminating information about HOPE’s work including vehicles that will inform the tech-savvy generation. Andrea Dunne-Sosa, Director of Volunteer Services, spoke about the renewed efforts to expand volunteer opportunities.

Election of Association Officers

Beginning July 2017, the officers will be Sharon Redding (president), Lingie Chiu (vice president) and Earl Rogers (secretary-treasurer). Congratulations to all.

Use of Association Funds --- Rekindling Relationships

The William B. Walsh, M.D. Endowment is reserved for the funding of Walsh Fellows and the Bill Kooiman Volunteer Travel Fund has provided exceptional alumni who return to work with HOPE small stipends to help with their travel expenses. The remaining funds --- Lee-Olive Harrison Fund for Basic Skills Education, the Alumni Fund and the newly established Dorothy Aeschliman Nursing Education Fund --- are discretionary, governed by committees and guidelines.

The Association plans to pilot a new activity to use portions of the funds to support counterpart-identified activities in former international program sites. The small awards will rekindle relationships among country-specific alumni, their counterparts and the programs on which they collaborated during their years with Project HOPE. A committee including a HOPE Center representative will review proposals according to already drafted guidelines.

Your year-end support of the Alumni Association funds will assure the initial success of this endeavor.

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Alumni Fund
William B. Walsh Endowment Fund
Lee-Olive Harrison Fund
Bill Kooiman Fund
Dorothy Aeschliman Nursing Education Fund

HOPE Remembers

  • Dr. James Belt- Grenada, China, Moscow-July 2016
  • Jack L. Turner- M.D. Maceio, Natal-7/31/2016
  • John Graham Carr- Nicaragua, Colombia, Ceylon, Haiti-4/30/2016
  • Dr. Wolfgang Markgraf-Grenada-7/23/2016
  • Dr. Roger Goodfriend-Natal, Maceio-1/4/2013
  • Dr. Irwin Small-Peru, Guinea-9/23/2016

Contact Information for Alumni Association Staff Liaison

Contact Information for the Alumni Association Officers

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