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Alumni Meeting San-Francisco 2014

Alumni from the San Francisco Bay area gathered on July 10th for lunch at the pier front restaurant, Sinbad’s.  Among the attendees where alumni board members Eunice Childs and Wally Chipman who gave the group an overview of April’s alumni board meeting.  Brooke Herndon, alumni liaison from HOPE Center shared about the alumni History Projects, the new HOPIES Facebook Group, and current HOPE news, volunteer opportunities and activities.  Many thanks to Ada Schoch and Eunice for putting this annual event together!

Message from Alumni Association President, John Wilhelm

Histories Project

At its April meeting, the Alumni Board launched the Histories Project to document HOPE’s work for voyages, countries and missions.  Through the lens of alumni and their counterparts, the Histories Project will capture stories of personal and professional growth; improved health care education, systems and service delivery; and the impact of HOPE’s work that was seeded during our years of collaboration. 

Alumni Association VP, Debbie Reister, is volunteering at HOPE Center this summer to focus on HOPE’s work in Central and Eastern Europe.  She is identifying program participants and scanning pertinent reports, photos and artifacts from HOPE’s archives.  Debbie will work with others to prepare a survey or questionnaire for former program participants which will be followed by a series of telephone or video interviews.  As part of the Histories Project, John Walsh will take the lead for HOPE’s work on the Polish American Children’s Hospital (University Children’s Hospital) in Krakow; Bill Walsh Jr. is helping to structure information on the Health Care Management Program; and Carolyn Kruger is organizing the Eastern European nursing activities. In NE Brazil, our former counterpart, Dr. Ney Fonseca, has contacted us about documenting HOPE’s impact and providing information about the current status of our former Brazilian programs.

As we move forward, we need to hear from alumni who worked in Central and Eastern Europe and Brazil but we also welcome stories from wherever you worked with HOPE:  What did you do?  What did you accomplish? What experiences stand out for you? How did the experience influence you or your career?  Please forward the information along with any contact information you may have for your counterparts John Wilhelm at

All alumni may be a part of the Histories Project.  It is our history!

40th Anniversary

The anniversary of Project HOPE’s collaboration to establish the Polish American Children’s Hospital in Krakow ( University Children’s Hospital) was recognized with the presentation of HOPE’s Global Health Partner Award to the hospital director, Maciej Kowalczyk, M.D., PhD, at the June 10 HOPE Gala in Washington, D.C.  John Walsh, who directed HOPE’s work with the hospital for the initial 14 years, was on-hand for the presentation.  The evening included an inspiring presentation by alumna, Carma Erickson-Hurt.   Other alumni in attendance were Scott Leckman, Tom Walsh, Michele Okamoto, Debra Reister and John Wilhelm.

HOPE’s Virtual Museum

The idea of having a virtual museum to more fully utilize archival photos and documents from all voyages, land-base programs, Navy missions as well as HOPE Center events is becoming a reality.  In addition to her work on Central and Eastern Europe, Debbie Reister has been using PastPerfect software to catalogue and caption material from the HOPE archives that will be available on-line beginning September 2014.  During the projected five year process, alumni will be called upon to help identify objects and people who are in the photos. Debbie said, “It is so exciting to see all of the pictures and objects that are in the archives.  I am thrilled we have found a way to share these historical items with a wide audience.”  Staff at HOPE Center are being oriented to the process so that current events, photos and documents may be uploaded in real time.

HOPE Remembers

  • Gloria Hammond, Neurodiagnostic Technician, Yavapai Regional Medical Center, (Peru, Ecuador, Guinea, Nicaragua, Columbia, Ceylon), April 9, 2014
  • Eldon Ellis, M.D. Thoracic Surgery (SS HOPE Peru, Ecuador, Guinea, Past President of the Alumni Association), June 15, 2014.

Alumni Facebook Group

It won’t be long before the Alumni Association Facebook Group is activated.  Look for a notice of its inauguration on this website.

Contact Information for Alumni Association Staff Liaison

Contact Information for the Alumni Association Officers

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