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Sierra Leone suffered from the world’s largest and deadliest known outbreak of the Ebola virus – a highly contagious disease that kills about 50 percent of those infected and has no known cure. The outbreak began in December 2013 in Guinea and spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone and then to other locations throughout the world. 

Responding to a request from the government of Sierra Leone, Project HOPE coordinated donations of medicines, medical supplies and other items that can help treat and contain the Ebola outbreak. To date, Project HOPE has sent ten shipments of items such as latex gloves, oral rehydration salts, respirators and water purifiers.

In 2015, Project HOPE coordinated the shipment of four donated "Clinic in a Can," portable medical units that can fit into shipping containers and have their own solar power systems, making them suitable for developing countries.

Project HOPE is working with a partner on the ground in Sierra Leone, World Hope International, as the Clinic in a Can units are placed in strategic locations and are are open for patients.

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