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Project HOPE Responds to UNSC Vote on Gaza

In response to today’s United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution regarding Gaza, Project HOPE’s President and CEO, Rabih Torbay, said:

“While we welcome measures such as calling for the immediate release of all hostages, enhancing border access, establishing safe routes within Gaza, and expediting aid inspections and flow, this resolution is not sufficient to address the severity of the situation. It is not enough. The daily toll on Palestinians in Gaza is horrific, and the current conditions are not sustainable for human life. Swift delivery of life-saving essentials—medicine, medical supplies, food, clean water, and other urgent items—to people in Gaza is contingent on a sustained ceasefire. Without a ceasefire, the crisis in Gaza will continue to deteriorate.  

The United Nations must relentlessly pursue a permanent ceasefire and a lasting solution predicated on human safety and dignity for all involved. Long-term peace is the only option to alleviate ongoing suffering. What’s happening now is a health and humanitarian catastrophe with long-term consequences. As Palestinians in Gaza continue to experience famine-like conditions and disease spreads rapidly, the dire situation calls for a coordinated, extensive humanitarian response, ensuring long-term safe and unrestricted access for the United Nations and aid organizations throughout the Gaza Strip.”

Project HOPE is actively supporting Palestinian and Israeli communities affected by the conflict. Our team in Gaza, which is made up of displaced health workers, is treating patients in Deir al Balah and setting up a neonatal clinic in Rafah, which was damaged in an air strike yesterday. Project HOPE has also provided supplies including family hygiene kits, mattresses, and blankets to our partner ANERA; and has additional medical supplies ready to enter Gaza.  

Project HOPE has spokespeople available. 

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