Breastfeeding in Sierra Leone This World Breastfeeding Week, Project HOPE Touts the Benefits of Breastfeeding
At Project HOPE, providing relevant and up-to-date information on breastfeeding and supporting women to exclusively breastfeed their babies crosscuts through our maternal and neonatal programs.
Volunteer John with Dr. Zhao Project HOPE Celebrates 35-Year History in China with Historic Monograph
The Project HOPE Alumni Association has published a unique 168-page monograph, “A History of Project HOPE in China,” documenting the organization’s pioneering 35-year history in helping to lay the groundwork for a modern health care system in China.
Wuhan Nurses Project HOPE Honored by U.S. Consul General in Wuhan for Promoting Health Care Collaboration in Central China
The U.S. Consul General in Wuhan, China, presented Project HOPE with the prestigious Heart to Heart Award for promoting collaboration, cultural exchange, and mutual trust among the U.S. and China through HOPE’s pioneering programs to train health professionals and deliver care in Central China.
Mother holding baby On International Children’s Day, Project HOPE recommits to working on the hardest challenges remaining to tackle child mortality
If the world is to make significant gains on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target on child survival, it is paramount that there is increased focus on the bottlenecks for neonatal survival.
Doctor in China taking care of patient In China, Nurses Take the Lead on Palliative Care Training
For Shi Liuqing, a nurse at the Hubei Provincial Cancer Hospital, the Palliative Care Training program changed her approach to nursing.“I’ve learned a lot from this training and my work here, and I believe many more patients in China will benefit from palliative care in the future.”
Hospital workers examining equipment Saving Babies in Macedonia
Project HOPE is making a major commitment to increase the survival chances of premature babies and improve perinatal care in Macedonia with donated equipment.
The Power of Volunteerism
During National Volunteer Week, Project HOPE celebrates all the volunteers from the past year who served others in time of need. Their courage and compassion transformed the lives of children, families and communities – and created a ripple effect of HOPE that still resonates.
Uzbekistan Medicine Donations Working Together to Deliver Lifesaving Medicine in Uzbekistan
For cancer patients at the National Cancer Center in Tashkent, every day is a battle to survive their life threatening disease. Lifesaving medicine for patients with aggressive brain cancer can be hard to come by, but thanks to our partner, Merck & Co., Inc., and the government of Uzbekistan, we were able to offer some hope to patients with aggressive brain cancer.
Innovation, Education and Patient Support Turning the Tide on TB
Despite most cases of TB being curable with a six month treatment regimen that costs less than $40 dollars, every day there will be another 28,500 new cases of TB. We must do more to end TB.
Addressing the Global Shortage of Health Care Workers
Every health issue—whether impacting a small family or an entire country—depends entirely on whether the health worker on the ground has what they need to do their job. Project HOPE is committed to enabling health care workers to provide expert care.
TB Playroom provides comfort for youngest patients. HOPE for TB's Youngest Victims
Every year, in Tajikistan, a country where the burden of TB is very high, as many as 600 children become ill with this infectious but curable disease. To receive treatment, the majority of these children have to be hospitalized and, as a result, separated from their families for months at a time. For these little patients, a hospital stay is a very long, lonely, and scary experience.
Our Campaign to Reduce Maternal and Neonatal Death
Every day another 15,000 children under the age of five die and more than 800 women perish from consequences of pregnancy and childbirth. Project HOPE is committed is to working around the globe to develop innovative programs and instill best practices that help reverse these staggering trends.
The Latest Developments in Battling the HIV/AIDS Crisis
While great strides have been made in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic, there is still work to do. Project HOPE is working on innovative prevention and treatment programs to save lives
Leading the Way to Combat Diabetes
The prevalence of diabetes is growing at a staggering rate. Project HOPE's work in high-risk areas focus on supporting patient education, health worker training and increasing access to care and medicines to help improve lives and reduce the burden of diabetes deaths.
TB control in Kazakhstan Outreach Gives HOPE, Saves Lives
Last year, Project HOPE's TB outreach impacted 59,576 migrant workers, including Gulnara, a young mother living in Kazakhstan.
Union World Lung Conference on Lung Health Conference Brings Global Experts Together to Solve Lung Health Suffering
Project HOPE’s TB experts are among the thousands of delegates from around the globe gathering at the annual Union World Lung Conference on Lung Health, this year held in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Health workers in Nepal overcome floods Health Care Heroes
Driven to help mothers and children, health workers in remote regions around the globe often face treacherous conditions.
ultrasound equipment donation to Macedonia Caring for Babies Using Life Saving Equipment and Training
Because of Macedonia's high infant mortality, Project HOPE e.V. Germany has launched an ambitious project to save newborn lives.
new HOPE Alumni Association President New Alumni President Takes Helm
Project HOPE’s Alumni Association welcomed a new president: Sharon Redding, R.N., Ed.D., CNE, will lead thousands of HOPE’s alumni members over the next four years.
Refugee Crisis, Humanitarian Relief Refugees: Why the World Must Act Now
Some just hope for the human touch. Others come for emergency treatment for injuries or chronic medical conditions.
Tajikistan toy drive Bringing Cheer to Sick Children in Tajikistan
Project HOPE employees in Tajikistan held a toy drive, purchasing toys themselves and hosting a special luncheon on International Children's Day.
Malawi HIV Testing Mobilizing Communities to Fight HIV
Bridget is one of the community health workers in Malawi dedicated to reducing the burden of HIV and AIDS in her community.
alumni archives history for Project HOPE Decades of HOPE History
Project HOPE’s Alumni Association continues the mammoth project of organizing and archiving six decades of HOPE history.
HOPE Volunteers Join Pacific Partnership 2017
Medical volunteers from Project HOPE have joined Pacific Partnership 2017, the 12th annual humanitarian aid mission and disaster response exercise led by the U.S. Navy to the Asia Pacific Region.
Financial Times Asia Healthcare Summit Project HOPE Supporting FT Asia Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit
Project HOPE is a supporting partner of the FT Asia Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit and Dr. Palo, HOPE’s Southeast Asia Regional Director, will be participating.
U.S. Ambassador Spratlen Visits Uzbekistan for World TB Day Ambassador Spratlen Visits Kashkadarya Regional TB Dispensary to Mark World TB Day
U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan Pamela Spratlen recently toured Kashkadarya Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary marking TB Day.
Project HOPE Staff 2017 HOPE’s Global Leaders Gather
Project HOPE’s 2017 Global Health Leadership Conference opened Monday, Feb. 27 at HOPE’s headquarters in Millwood, Va.
Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Program Officer Meet Our Staff: Eden Ahmed Mdluli
Eden Ahmed Mdluli, M.P.H., P.M.P. joined Project HOPE in 2017 as Senior Program Officer, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.
pharmacist and nurse met on SS HOPE in Guinea HOPE Connects Couple for Life
Buddy and Marilyn Guynn credit the SS HOPE for bridging the geographic distance between them and steering them toward a journey of 51 years of marriage.
Dr. Zheng Jinhao with baby Xiao Ji at Shanghai Children's Medical Center Miracle of Baby Xiao Ji
Chen Ju had dreamed of a healthy baby, but instead she got the news that her unborn baby boy suffered from a rare and complicated heart disease.
Project HOPE’s HOPE Centre clinic in Zandspruit, South Africa Eli Lilly Volunteers Support HOPE Centre in South Africa
Project HOPE’s HOPE Centre clinic in South Africa once again benefited from the expertise of Eli Lilly’s Connecting Hearts Abroad volunteer program.
Doctor holds baby in Dominican Republic health clinic. Closing the Circle
"Closing the Circle" explains the important role of the clinic staff, to not only care for patients, but model healthy behaviors.
Smiling child at Dominican Republic medical clinic Wait
"Wait" shows the community atmosphere and positive peer support offered to mothers and families at the clinic, making the waiting time to be seen sometimes as important as the care itself.
Baby and mother receive medical help at clinic in Dominican Republic Welcome to the Order of Malta Clinic
"Welcome to the Order of Malta Clinic" captures the comfort and appreciation families feel when receiving health services at their community clinic.
Mother with breastfeeding baby in Dominican Republic Encouraging Healthy Babies
"Encouraging Healthy Babies" concentrates on the healthy behavior of breastfeeding that is taught and modeled at the clinic.
Baby in Dominican Republic health clinic Time to Care
"Time to Care" concentrates on the important doctor-patient relationship.
Domincan Republic mother and child HOPE for New Parents
"HOPE for New Parents" captures the love and pride parents feel for their newborns and the challenges they will endure to make sure their babies receive proper health care to ensure a healthy start to life.
Baby in Dominican Republic pediatrics office Waiting Time is Bonding Time
"Waiting Time is Bonding Time" captures the open, comfortable and community atmosphere of the clinic waiting room.
thumb_snapshot-Yefri HOPE for Healthy Babies
"HOPE for Healthy Babies" depicts the pride that moms take in ensuring that their newborns and children are provided with the best health care.
Donation of wedding gifts Dominican Republic Wedding Couple Chooses to Make Global Impact
When Danielle Gonzales Martin and Efrain Martin Jr. decided to get married this past fall, they chose to donate their monetary wedding gifts to Project HOPE.
U.S. Consul General in Shanghai U.S. Shanghai Consul General Visits Shanghai Children’s Medical Center
Hanscom Smith, the U.S. Consul General of Shanghai, and Vice Consul Bradford Milklavic visited Shanghai Children's Medical Center in November.
Skilled health care worker training in India Meet Our Staff: Cheena Malhotra
Cheena Malhotra aims to provide a more skilled health care workforce in India.
Media training in Kazakhstan about migrant workers and TB Media Training and Coverage of TB Among Working Migrants
A media training tour for journalists took place in October as part of the project “Addressing Cross-Border TB, M/XDR-TB and TB/AIDS Among Labor Migrants” implemented by Project HOPE Kazakhstan with the support of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
Noncommunicable Disease Summit India Project HOPE Presents UDAAN as a Best Practice to Scale During NCD Summit in India
The 4th National NCD Summit 2016 was held in October in New Delhi. Project HOPE presented its continuum of care to treatment model Project UDAAN (United Dialogue and Action Against Noncommunicable Disorders).
mother and baby in Nepal Young Mother’s Fears Quelled
21-year-old Pramila was pregnant with her second child and was anxious. Her first delivery was a fearful experience because she didn’t have the medical support she needed.
World Diabetes Day awareness and education Delivering Diabetes Awareness in China
As part of World Diabetes Day, Project HOPE conducted several diabetes awareness activities in China.
Diabetes Education in Cameroon - Jacobs Story Quest for Diabetes Expertise Leads Nurse to IDEEL
It is inspiring to know the obstacles that some health care workers will scale to gain the knowledge required to help communities obtain better health.
Typhoon Haiyan monster storm devastated the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan
It’s been three years since Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines. Project HOPE offered immediate support.
Simulation Research Center for nurses in China ASHA Grant Helps Spread Simulation Teaching Best Practices for Nurses throughout China
By the end of July 2016, using a simulation center, Wuhan University HOPE School of Nursing conducted 12 national workshops on simulation teaching for 389 participants from 24 provinces all over China.
Integrated TB Conference in Kazakhstan Eliminating TB: A Collaborative Effort
The International Conference of Integrated TB Control in Almaty, Kazakhstan, brought together hundreds of TB experts and health care professionals.
Medical training in Indonesia for maternal health HOPE Worker's Training Saves Mother from Hospital Trip
Project HOPE has had excellent results with the Saving Lives at Birth program.
Medical training helps mothers and babies in Indonesia HOPE-Trained Midwife Helps Difficult Delivery
Here is another example of how the Saving Lives at Birth program is working in Indonesia.
A Community Health Volunteer (kader) in Indonesia HOPE Conquers Fear
Maemunah, a community health volunteer, is grateful to Project HOPE for teaching her about the danger signs during pregnancy.
Saving Lives at Birth program helps mothers and babies in Indonesia Midwife Grateful for HOPE’s Training
Project HOPE has been implementing the Saving Lives at Birth project in Indonesia since 2012 with excellent results.
Project HOPE in Sierra Leone saved newborn is named after CEO No Greater Honor
Among the many deaths, there are also stories of hope. Here’s how one family mourned a loss, celebrated a life saved, and expressed their gratitude in the highest way possible.
Sierra Leone baby saved by Project HOPE's health care intervention Baby Morie
Baby Morie, a 5-month-old baby girl in Bo District Hospital, had been crying nonstop for two days. Project HOPE volunteers intervened to save her life.
Donated Medicines Help PreMature Babies Donated Medicines Help Premature Babies
Through donations of medical supplies and products, the Strategic Medical Re-Supply Program expects to have lasting impact on the well-being of patients and the health systems where we partner. Thanks to the generous support from our donor partners, we touch the lives of more than 400,000 patients in the country.
Project HOPE's Senior Technical Advisor in Blantyre, Malawi Meet Our Staff: Endalkachew Melese
Endalkachew Melese joined Project HOPE in April 2016 and serves as Senior Technical Advisor for Community Health and Social Services in Blantyre, Malawi.
Project HOPE’s Macedonia Team Innovations Improved Health Care through Technology
Project HOPE’s team in Macedonia successfully completed an innovative project that created modernized health data collection software.
Project HOPE volunteer with children in China HOPE for a Daughter with Epilepsy
Through this activity, we understood that epilepsy is not a terrible event. With the support of modern medical technology, it could be controlled completely and possibly even be cured.
Project HOPE Epilepsy program in China Child Family Weekend Story of Chen Min and Her Son, “Little Ocean”
Chen Min tells the story of her realization that her son, “Little Ocean,” had epilepsy, and how the Rainbow Bridge program has helped him and his family.
Epilepsy Program and the Rainbow Bridge Summer Camp Helping my Child with Epilepsy
I attended the family weekend in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in June 2016, which was organized by Project HOPE as part of the organization’s Supporting Children and Families with Epilepsy Initiative in China.
Rainbow Bridge Program in China's Child Family Weekend Positivity after a Troubling Diagnosis
Song WanPeng, a father of a child with epilepsy, tells his story.
Saving Lives at Birth in Indonesia volunteers help expectant mothers Project HOPE Training Saves Mother in Labor Having Seizure
A community health volunteer in Mentang, Indonesia tells how her Project HOPE-provided training saved the life of a mother in labor
Saving Lives at Birth Indonesia HOPE Strengthens Partnerships Among Midwives and Traditional Birth Attendants in Indonesia
Project HOPE has helped strengthen the partnership between the Community Health Volunteers and Traditional Birth Attendants (so they don't handle deliveries themselves but refer women to deliver with midwives).
Saving Lives at Birth Indonesia Health Posts Make for Healthy Pregnancies thanks to HOPE
Community Health Workers in Serang, Indonesia have been trained by Project HOPE. They encourage pregnant women to visit Health Posts where they receive better care.
Saving Lives at Birth Midwife Saves Newborn's Life thanks to HOPE
Project HOPE training contributed to saving the life of a newborn baby in Serang, Indonesia.
Saving Lives at Birth Indonesia HOPE-Attained Skills Help Midwife in Indonesia
Mrs. Lina, a midwife in Mancak, Indonesia recounts how the Saving Lives at Birth program gave her the skills and confidence to help a patient during a delivery.
Saving Lives at Birth Indonesia A Safe Delivery after a Pregnant Mom’s Water Broke Too Soon
Riska, a midwife trained through Project HOPE's Saving Lives at Birth program, safely delivered a baby after a mom's membrane ruptured too soon.
Community and Government Join Together to Launch Program to Benefit the Health Women and Children New Program Addresses Maternal and Child Malnutrition in Nepal
New program will increase access to maternal, neonatal and child health services, especially of the marginalized and underserved populations in Nepal.
Project HOPE helps young Cystic Fibrosis patient in Macedonia Meet Our Staff
As program manager in Macedonia, Angel Jordanovski has witnessed firsthand the impact of Project HOPE’s programs.
young girl with cystic fibrosis in Kosovo receives Project HOPE medicines HOPE for Young Girl with Cystic Fibrosis
An emotional account of how Project HOPE's donations of medicine for Cystic Fibrosis are helping a young girl and her family in Kosovo.
NextGen of HOPE Board NEXTGen of HOPE
Approximately 120 young professionals in the D.C. area joined HOPE’s NEXTGeneration Leadership Board in support of the inaugural, “NEXTGen of HOPE Junior Gala.”
Kazakhstan representatives meet to address migrants and TB Cross-border TB Control
Representatives of Kazakhstan’s ministries and government agencies met with counterparts from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to address Migration and Tuberculosis.
Project HOPE volunteer helps migrants at mobile X-ray unit Bringing TB Awareness and Care to Migrant Workers in Kazakhstan
Migrants are twice as likely to fall prey to Tuberculosis. Intervention brings awareness, screening and support.
TB Kazakhstan Bottom-Up, Top-Down Approach to TB Outreach among Migrants in Kazakhstan
Project HOPE builds linkages with civil society, government authorities, diasporas, health care and businesses to effectively address TB for the benefit of migrants.
Project HOPE volunteers go to Sierra Leone. Team Heading to Sierra Leone to Assess Maternal and Newborn Mortality Crisis
A team of health professional volunteers is conducting a rapid assessment of maternal and newborn health care in several health facilities in Sierra Leone.
Women's and Children's Health HIV Replacing Despair with Promise
When Martha Ziezo, a community home based care provider, met Wabei, she found a woman who felt helpless and stigmatized.
Sip and Sweat NextGen event Sip n’ Sweat for Global Health
Building momentum and spreading awareness of Project HOPE amongst peers with an activity-based fundraiser.
Why I Give
It was December, with her birthday and the holiday season fast approaching, when Giselle Rackley made a decision. A mother of three, she wanted something more meaningful than presents and a tree.
The Nepal Earthquake: One Year Later
A year later, the work continues. Your support is now backing a two-year program for moms, babies and children still suffering in Nepal after the earthquake.
Why Give to An International Charity?
There are many reasons to make a donation to an international charity -- from having more impact in saving lives to effectively reaching the areas of the world that need the most help.
Death Follows Him Like a Shadow
Death is all around Kingsley — a quiet, polite 15-year-old boy in Nigeria. He’s seen so much of it in a short time. To find his remote village, we travel for hours in our 4-wheel-drive truck on rutted dirt roads. Finally, we reach the house.
Anne Fangman Mustard Every Monday Mustard Every Monday
“Even though I did not retire from nursing until I was 73 and had many challenging and interesting jobs, nothing quite matched my time with HOPE.”
Protecting the Most Vulnerable
Ruth, a 5-year-old girl from Namibia’s poorest region, was clearly malnourished when Martha, a Project HOPE care provider, paid a visit to her family’s home.
New Mothers Finding Support in the Workplace
Breastfeeding is crucial to reducing stunting in childhood.
Fighting Myths to Provide Better Treatment
Like many women in rural Tajikistan, Hurriya is the wife of a migrant worker.
When Others Run Out…HOPE Rushes In
On May 12, 2015, the ground began to violently shake once again in the already tattered nation of Nepal.
Delivering a Breath of Fresh Air
Doudou was just 2 years old when she began suffering from asthma attacks. Her mother, Zhang, was devastated.
Healthier Moms, Healthier Children
Improving access to maternal and child health services.
Project HOPE is addressing the threat of the Zika virus in the Dominican Republic Zika Prevention in the Dominican Republic
In response to the recent appearance of the Zika virus, staff at our clinics in the Dominican Republic received an intensive training seminar.
World Cancer Day 2016 World Cancer Day 2016
With your support, Project HOPE has been helping families in these vulnerable places receive the best of care for their sick children by improving treatment, diagnosis and outcomes of childhood cancer through expert health professional training and sophisticated medical equipment donations.
WHO Acknowledges Project HOPE in Compendium of Best Practices for TB Treatment
Two activities being conducted by Project HOPE in Tajikistan were included within the compendium as best practices.
Meet Our Staff: Zhanna Zhandauletova
Zhanna Zhandauletova Works with HOPE to Ease the Lives of Migrants Abroad
Project HOPE award from University Children's Hospital, Krakow, Poland Project HOPE Honored for 41-Year Partnership with Children's Hospital in Poland
Project HOPE was honored with a medal of recognition for our 41-year partnership with the University Children’s Hospital of Krakow (UCH).
Project HOPE receives Ebola award in Sierra Leone Project HOPE Receives Prestigious Award from Sierra Leone's President for Ebola Work
Project HOPE was awarded a silver medal by President Ernest Koromo of Sierra Leone for work during the recent Ebola outbreak at a ceremony in Freetown in December 2015.
Jenny Xu Meet Our Staff Meet Our Staff: Jenny Xu
Jenny Xu joined Project HOPE’s Shanghai, China staff in 2008 and currently serves as Program Director for Respiratory Health.
Mired in Poverty and Facing Disease She Was Mired in Poverty and Facing Disease
Anna is a mom living in Namibia, and she’s taking care of four orphaned children in her village. In order to make a life for her family, she made the decision to join the Village Savings and Loan, sponsored by Project HOPE.
Stocking the Clinics
Look past the lush golf courses and gleaming resorts in the travel brochures, and you see the reality of the Dominican Republic — grinding poverty and killer diseases.
CARD program Project HOPE Fights Respiratory Diseases in China
The CARD program aims to improve the health of patients living with chronic respiratory diseases and enhance the disease diagnosis and treatment capacity in hospitals.
India World Diabetes Day Project HOPE Project HOPE Screens more than 70,000 for Diabetes in New Delhi
Project HOPE takes part in Health Awareness Drive at the 35th India International Trade Fair in New Delhi on World Diabetes Day.
Project HOPE HealthWorks Indonesia Health Day HealthWorks Program Honored on Indonesia’s National Health Day
Project HOPE Indonesia was honored by the Regent of the Subang District for the HealthWorks program on Indonesia's National Health Day.
What Kind of Gift Giver Are You? Holiday Giving What Kind of Gift Giver Are You?
With the holidays approaching, it's time to find out about your gift giving style. Are you a trendy Hot Lister? A thrifty Re-Gifter? A crafty Fruit Caker? Or maybe a meaningful Difference maker? Take our lighthearted quiz and share your results with your friends on social media.
Diabetes success story Angelica in Mexico 5 Steps Program Yields Success in Mexico
Project HOPE staff on a recent visit to Los Reyes Ixtacala, Mexico encountered a woman who had succeeded with a lasting weight loss and controlled diabetes following Project HOPE's 5 Steps program.
kazakhstan TB program Providing TB Support for Migrant Populations in Kazakhstan
Project HOPE is working in specific regions providing support in TB management, service delivery, monitoring and surveillance and patient support.
TB Patients and their Family Members at a Patient Support Group Meeting in Kashkadarya Region USAID promotes Patient-Centered approach to combat TB
The initial meetings have already brought together over 350 TB patients to address the stigmas, feelings of loneliness and isolation so common among TB patients.
USAID TB Control Program Trainer instructs Lab Staff on GeneXpert Machines USAID Equipment helps to save Lives
In July 2014, USAID transferred four GeneXpert machines worth $271,000 to facilities in four regions of Uzbekistan.
Maintenance of GeneXpert machine, Tashkent, Uzbekistan USAID assists Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health in developing GeneXpert Maintenance Systems
As a direct result of the training, which took place in four different regions, participants are now able to resolve technical issues and problems with GeneXpert technology in their own laboratories.
World Heart Day World Heart Day: Saving Young Lives at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center
On World Heart Day, Project HOPE is especially proud of the fact that neonatal cardiac surgery accounts for more than sixty percent of the open heart surgery that SCMC is involved with.
Trails from Tarapoto HOPE Alumnus Pens New Book
Trails from Tarapoto: A Cancer Surgeon's Story is a new book by Project HOPE alumnus Dr. Gregorio Delgado
Hurricane Katrina 10 year anniversary Ten Years after Hurricane Katrina, Project HOPE Still Helping in the Gulf Region
Project HOPE has been proud to play a role in the humanitarian relief efforts in the Gulf region of the United States in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a legacy that continues with the Delta Health Alliance today.
Youth Alert Dominican Republic Youth Alert Program Provides Opportunities for HOPEful Futures
The program, begun in March of 2014, with the support of USAID, targets at-risk young people from the ages of 11-24, and helps provide opportunities for better health, education and employment.
What Kind of Humanitarian Are You? Quiz What Kind of Humanitarian Are You?
Are you a generous Oprahitarian? A social Zuckerbergitarian? A volunteering Nightingaleitarian? Or maybe a reluctant Scroogeitarian? Take our fun quiz then share your results with your friends.
Typhoon Typhoon Soudelor Threatens East Asia
Project HOPE is assessing the situation across the Western Pacific as Typhoon Soudelor rips through East Asia.
Rainbow Bridge Summer Camp for Epilepsy in Guangzhou Lots of Smiles at Rainbow Bridge Summer Camp
The purpose of the Rainbow Bridge summer camp is to show children with epilepsy that they can lead normal lives. The camp also offers support to the children’s parents.
World Hepatitis Day donated vaccines to Haiti Protecting Hospital Workers from Hepatitis B in Haiti
While he is only 20 years old, Friztnel, and the others employed at the hospital, recognize that working in health care puts them at high risk of contracting Hepatitis B.
Vlatko Uzevski Strategic Medical Resupply Program Meet our Staff: Vlatko Uzevski
Program Manager for HOPE's Strategic Medical Resupply Program, which helps several countries in Central/Eastern Europe and Africa with donated medicines and medical supplies.
Jamilya Ismoilova Meet our Staff: Jamilya Ismoilova explains how Project HOPE has helped Tajikistan treat TB
“After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the civil war in Tajikistan, the medical system of Tajikistan was destroyed, including the Republican Tuberculosis Hospital located near the capital, Dushanbe,” explains Jamilya.
Refilwe Lechoba, Program Coordinator Meet our Staff: Refilwe Lechoba
Refilwe Lechoba is a program assistant at the HOPE Centre in Zandspruit, South Africa, focusing on noncommunicable diseases.
Diabetes education in India UDAY Launch Promises to Fight Rising Burden of Noncommunicable Diseases in India
“UDAY” is an intensive five-year program to combat the rising problem of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) that is funded by an educational grant from Eli Lilly and Company.
 NCDs India Diabetes Training Bringing Noncommunicable Disease Training to Remote Areas of Maharashtra
We're thrilled to be training government health workers in the remote region of Maharashtra to help them become more effective at tackling the rising trend of non-communicable diseases.
Lisa Petersen Meet our Staff: Lisa Petersen
Lisa Petersen joined Project HOPE in Namibia in July 2013 as Technical Advisor for TB and HIV Programs, Deputy Chief of Party, in four regions of Namibia: Kavango East, Kavango West, Oshana and Oshikoto.
Staff at Project HOPE's HOPE Centre in Zandspruit, South Africa Helping People with Nowhere Else to Turn
In 2012, the HOPE Centre was established to help meet the need. Tshuma is thankful for the services being offered at the HOPE Centre.
HealthWorks anaemia screening Improving Access to Care for Women
Sochu Lim, a sewing machine operator in Cambodia, has benefited from anemia screening through Project HOPE's HealthWorks program.
Ebola Sierra Leone Delivering HOPE to West Africa
When our staff met Suma, he was a regular visitor to the Hastings Ebola Treatment Center volunteering to support the medical staff by encouraging the infected patients and boosting morale. “I feel I was saved to help others,” he told our staff.
World Hypertension Day India diabetes education Making Healthy Food Choices on World Hypertension Day
World Hypertension Day occurs annually on May 17 and we were happy to join our Project UDAY partners PHFI and PSI at a diabetes screening camp organized by the District Hospital in Sonipat.
A baby is vaccinated against measles in the Philippines More than 100,000 Vaccinated for Measles in the Philippines
The vaccines were distributed to hospitals and clinics throughout the Philippines. Some of the locations that received the MMR II vaccine were Manila, Pasay City and the Central and Eastern Visayas region.
Honduras Deworming Campaign Project HOPE Donates Medicine for Massive Deworming Campaign in Honduras
Project HOPE is donating 2 million doses of Mebendazole to a 5-year national deworming campaign for school-age children in Honduras.
Participants in the 2015 training session for TB in Tajikistan The First Regional TB Infection Prevention and Control Training at the National TB IC Training Center in Tajikistan
With the success of the project, the idea of using the National Training Center as a regional training base for CAR was supported by the NTP managers of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
Technology used to collect data in Namibia Electronic Data Collection Brings Better Health to Rural Areas
Now - instead of equipping themselves with pencil and paper for regular data collection - staff are taking technology to some of the most remote regions of the world to gather data more quickly and accurately and to improve results.
Why I thumb Why I ....
Check out these inspiring quotes from Project HOPE supporters on why they are involved with HOPE's lifesaving work.
Ebola shipping The Ebola Report: Your Progress Update
Fear mounts. Suspicion lurks. And the Ebola crisis continues to rage in Africa, even raising fears in the U.S.
Project HOPE warehouse Your Gifts at Work, Multiplying 105x to Send Medicine and Medical Supplies
Your generous gifts enable Project HOPE to ship and airlift medicine and medical supplies into poverty zones all around the world.
Sonia This Mom Thought She Was Going to Die
It was just last year. That’s when Sonia happened to take part in a cancer-screening event held in Honduras by Project HOPE.
HealthWorks Cambodia Women in Cambodia’s Factories Benefit from HealthWorks
Project HOPE’s pilot HealthWorks Program brought preventative and curative health services to 14,507 workers in seven factories in Cambodia.
Society of Early Arrivals seminar, November 22, 2014 HOPE Helps Premature Babies in Hong Kong
The Society of Early Arrivals was created by Project HOPE, with the support of Abbvie, in Hong Kong.
Sunshine Summer Camp for children with epilepsy Sunshine Summer Camp Helps Children with Epilepsy
As part of this program, the two-day Sunshine Summer Camp took place at the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in July 2014.
Fang Fang receives treatment at Shanghai Children's Medical Center The Story of Fang Fang
The story of Fang Fang, a three-year-old Chinese girl with acute leukemia, demonstrates the need for central line catheters in pediatric oncology patients in China.
Medtronic Vietnam Quang Tri Medtronic Fellows Join HOPE for Health Care Assessment in Vietnam
Five Medtronic Philanthropy Global Innovation Fellows joined Project HOPE for a health care assessment in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. Learn more about what they found.
Music exercise classes for elder in Tang Qiao community Music Exercise Classes Help Elderly in Shanghai
Project HOPE's senior care initiative in Shanghai's Tang Qiao community includes music exercise classes, which help improve mobility and psychological well-being.
HealthWorks Indonesia thumb Project HOPE Hosts Day of Contests in Indonesia Showcasing HealthWorks Program
A brief description of Project HOPE's HealthWorks program in Indonesia and description of a day of contests hosted for its participants held in August 2014.
Project HOPE Tajikistan airlift arrival How Project HOPE Helped Patients in Tajikistan with more than $400 Million of Medical Donations
These donations have helped save people’s lives, improve the quality of their lives and protect them and their families from financial ruin due to the huge cost of purchasing medicines relative to the average incomes in these countries.
Project HOPE's Society of Early Arrivals program in Hong Kong Society of Early Arrivals Facebook Fans Gathering
Project HOPE is working to improve the health outcomes for premature babies in Hong Kong through its Society of Early Arrivals (SEA) program. SEA hosted a learning session on August 17, 2014 for its Facebook fans.
Larissa Manrique uses her violin to support HOPE's relief efforts in the Philippines World Humanitarian Day 2014
Although we think the world needs more humanitarians, Project HOPE is honored to have many such individuals supporting our work in a variety of ways right now.
Volunteer Doctor Saves Baby's Life Health Education Mission Saves Baby's Life
Dr. Jamison quickly switched gears from his health care training mission to save the life of the baby
Kyrgyzstan Medicine Donation $1.9 million in Medical Supplies
The donation was valued at $1.9 million and will be distributed to 16 medical and social institutions .
Residents at University Clinical Center in Skopje, Macedonia learn intubation techniques Nurse Education Training Program Starts in Macedonia
The main purpose of their mission in Skopje, Macedonia was to develop a Nurse Educational Training program.
Project HOPE signs collaboration agreement with Shangah Jiao Tong University Project HOPE Renews Collaboration Agreement with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
The purpose of the collaboration is to develop and implement training for health professionals.
Comprehensive Simulated Rehabilitation Center Offers Hands-On Experience for Nursing Students
Project HOPE and Wuhan University celebrated the opening of the Nursing Comprehensive Simulated Rehabilitation Center, the first of its kind ever to be established in China.
World TB Day event in Tashkent City, Uzbekistan Improving TB and HIV Awareness in Uzbekistan
Project HOPE’s Dialogue on HIV and TB projects in collaboration with the City AIDS Center and the City TB Dispensary conducted a two-day event devoted to World TB Day in Tashkent City, Uzbekistan.
Project HOPE treats tuberculosis TB in Ukraine Project HOPE Introduces New Practices for TB Control in Ukraine
Project HOPE is supporting Ukraine’s SES and oblast health authorities to improve TB infection control measures and create a safer environment in Ukrainian health facilities.
Project HOPE volunteer surgeons in Tanzania Improving Surgical Capacity in Tanzania
Project HOPE's first rotation of volunteer surgeons is at work in Tanzania.
Emergency medicine is taught in remote parts of China Capacity for Pediatric and Emergency Care Improves thanks to Project HOPE Program
Three courses were taught to health professionals in less developed areas of China to build capacity for pediatric and emergency care.
Tanzania Surgery Assessment Assessing Tanzania's Surgical Needs
Dr Venko Filipce, one of the head neurosurgeons at the University Clinic for Neurosurgery in Skopje, Macedonia, recently helped Project HOPE assess the need for surgical services in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
Jenny Singer of Dodgeville, WI has raised over $1,000 for Project HOPE's relief efforts in the Philippines Minnesota Teen with a Passion for HOPE
Jenny raised $1,075 to support Project HOPE’s relief and recovery work in the Philippines by setting up a HELP Bring HOPE to the Philippines personal fundraising page on the Project HOPE website.
Project HOPE's Strategic Medical Resupply Program in Macedonia Dermatology Clinic in Macedonia Benefits from HOPE Program
Through donations of medical supplies and products, the Strategic Medical Re-Supply Program expects to have lasting impact on the well-being of patients and the health systems we partner with.
Participants of Project HOPE's Village Health Bank program in Honduras march against breast cancer Helping Women in Honduras with Finances and Health Awareness
Through the program, women are offered access to financial capital and personal savings mechanisms. At the same time and through the same program, the women are offered access to important health information.
Volunteers make good use of their Iridium satellite phones in the Philippines Satellite Phones Help Volunteers Operating in Remote Areas of the Philippines
Every time a group leaves the Tapaz compound they are required to carry and emergency pack including a freshly charged Iridium Satellite phone. If there is a breakdown, using the Sat phone ensures that no one gets stranded.
Cover of Letters of HOPE by Ann MacGregor Letters of HOPE
Ann MacGregor traveled with the SS HOPE from its launch in 1960. Throughout her six-year journey, she wrote letters to her mother that she later retrieved and made into a book entitled Letters of HOPE.
Raising Funds for the Philippines Sister Act: A Bracelet Business Launches at Maryland School To Support Relief Work in the Philippines
Ten-year-old Jennifer and nine-year-old Kimberly decided they wanted to help survivors and came up with the idea of selling Rainbow Loom Bracelets, a popular fashion accessory and trend among school kids.
Larissa Manrique uses her violin to support HOPE's relief efforts in the Philippines Young Violinist Makes Music for Filipino Survivors and Inspires Others to Help
Eleven-year-old Larissa Manrique of Mt. Airy, Maryland is making her mark in the philanthropy world, and inspiring others to do the same, by playing her violin downtown to raise money for Project HOPE’s disaster relief efforts in the Philippines.
Ashland Dance Community Raises Funds for Philippines Sending HOPE to the Philippines Through Dance
When the Ashland Dance Community in Ashland, Oregon heard about Typhoon Haiyan’s terrible effect on the Philippines, they decided to use their skills and resources to help Project HOPE send aid.
Nurse Marina helps a TB patient in Uzbekistan Dialogue on TB Program in Uzbekistan Yields Success
Project HOPE is conducting trainings for TB nurses to improve their patient counseling skills in Uzbekistan to help with treatment adherence.
Premature baby is helped through Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition HOPE’s Children’s Nutrition Program Helps Premature Baby in Shanghai
Lily, a premature baby, was so small that she needed a detailed nutrition support plan to support her growth and development. HOPE's AFINS program was there to help.
Project HOPE hands over iLED microscopes and computers in Kyrgyzstan Fighting TB in Kyrgyzstan
We are expanding access to diagnosis and treatment of TB by strengthening infrastructure, upgrading laboratories and providing access to anti-TB medicines.
John Wilhelm, M.D., New Project HOPE Alumni Association President An Interview with Project HOPE’s New Alumni Association President
Project HOPE’s Lucas Bezerra conducted a brief interview with our new Alumni Association President, Dr. Wilhelm, to learn more.
Donated P.E.T Devices Improve Quality of Life for Disabled in Kyrgyzstan
Project HOPE is providing humanitarian assistance in the form of “Personal Energy Transportation” (P.E.T.) devices to help individuals with serious mobility problems.
Cervical Cancer Prevention Program in China: Innovation in Action
In 2012 Project HOPE partnered with BD China to launch a three-year cervical cancer prevention program in China with a focus on six cities.
LKS raises funds for HOPE during annual HOPE WaLKS fundraiser. LKS Supports HOPE with Annual HOPE WaLKS Fundraiser
The Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity has been supporting Project HOPE for the last 43 years and their annual event called HOPE WaLKS is the event that brings members together to support HOPE’s mission and values.
International Corporate Volunteer Symposium A Journey of HOPE
International corporate volunteer programs help corporations attract talented employees; take corporate volunteers out of their comfort zones to transform them into globally literate leaders; bring down “business silos” by having employees from different departments and offices volunteer together; and send employees home from assignments more engaged, motivated, and productive.
Raising Awareness about Tuberculosis in Uzbekistan
Project HOPE Uzbekistan and its partners on the Dialogue on HIV and TB Project held an unusual and exciting event on March 30 to raise awareness about TB.
HOPE Helps a Woman Rebuild her Life in Mozambique
Juliazarda had heard about a women's savings group in her community of Maxixe, which was formed by the Project HOPE sub-grantee Kukula. The group welcomed Juliazarda, and through them she was able to access small loans to start up a business trading second-hand clothing and bedding.
A Productive Patient Safety Awareness Week at the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center
In many developing countries, inconsistent medical information systems and insufficient human resources hinder patient safety practices. At the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Project HOPE implemented a “train-the-trainer” approach to improve clinical practices to enhance patient safety. Attention to patient safety is now deeply embedded in the SCMC health care structure and processes.
Tuberculosis (TB) Success in Kyrgyzstan Helping a Child with Drug-Resistant TB in Kyrgyzstan
A year and a half after Hamid was diagnosed with TB for the second time he completed treatment and returned home. Hamid returned to his favorite activities: drawing and watching cartoons.
Saving Young Lives in Egypt Gaucher Program Saves Lives in Egypt, Advances Disease Treatment
In 1999, Project HOPE began to implement the Gaucher Disease Initiative in Egypt in partnership with Genzyme Corporation, to relieve the suffering and prevent the untimely death of people affected by the rare genetic disease.
Paralympics Haiti Road to Recovery
From devastation to HOPE. Progress in Haiti continues.
China nutrition program Improving Children’s Nutrition in Rural China
As a dietician and a Project HOPE staff member, I have been engaged in a nutrition research project funded by one of Project HOPE’s programs, the Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition Science.
Dr. Howe Receives Magnolia Award from Shen Xiaoming, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Dr. John P. Howe III, President and CEO of Project HOPE, Receives Prestigious Magnolia Award in Shanghai
Dr. John P. Howe III, President and CEO of Project HOPE, was honored with the prestigious Magnolia Award for his outstanding contribution to the people of Shanghai.
Diabetes patients in Tajikistan. Diabetes Patients and Their Families Grateful for Insulin Donations in Tajikistan
Insulin is so expensive in Tajikistan that most people with diabetes in this country cannot even afford to buy it. Fortunately Project HOPE and its generous corporate partners have donated $320 million in medicine and medical supplies including insulin over the past 10 years. Tajik diabetes patients of all ages and their families have expressed immense gratitude for the free insulin and syringes they receive.
Insulin to Tajikistan Project HOPE Donations Have Positive Effect on Lives of Diabetics in Tajikistan
Project HOPE has supplied 95 percent of the reliable insulin in Tajikistan since 2001 with insulin donations from HOPE’s corporate donors totaling $10.6 million.
Volunteer Nurse Midwife Helen Welch Saves Baby in Nepal. Volunteers Save Newborn’s Life
Dr. Gunter and Welch have become real local stars among local health workers and villagers who recognize the baby boy would not have survived without the quick action taken by the HOPE team.
Young Philanthropist Taylor Vaughn Supports HOPE Online Young Philanthropist Raises Funds Online
Taylor Vaughn may only be 11-years old, but she has the heart and determination of a seasoned philanthropist.
Installing solar panels to vaccination sites Honduras thumb Strengthening Cold Storage Facilities Supports Vaccine Program in Honduras
Getting lifesaving vaccines to people who need them requires more than just donated medicines. As part of the initiative to vaccinate over 675,000 vulnerable people in Honduras against pneumococcal infections, Project HOPE has helped transport and install refrigerators and solar panels to vaccination sites in some of the most remote and isolated regions of Honduras.
Fred Gerber Tokyo University International Disaster Preparedness
Frederick Gerber, Project HOPE’s Director for Special Programs and Operations, delivered a lecture at the University of Tokyo in July as part of a seminar, Disaster Medical Relief Support Responding to Community Needs.
 Czech Republic Nil Nocere – Saving Patients from Harm Program System for Improving Patient Safety Established in Czech Republic
The goal of the program was to develop a system for identifying, reporting, addressing and learning from adverse events in hospitals in order to prevent them from happening again.
Kyrgyzstan  Humanitarian Aid PET Donated Medical Supplies Change Aizada’s Life
Aizada was one of the grateful recipients of a PET vehicle, a hand cranked wheelchair made to withstand off-road terrain. Now she can leave her home alone, go shopping and even help her mother buy products.
Work in Japan Continues
Project HOPE continues to support Yamad-machi region of Japan with volunteers and hospital reconstruction.
Another Charity Navigator 4-Star rating for HOPE Another Charity Navigator 4-Star Rating for Project HOPE
Project HOPE has earned its second consecutive 4-star rating from America’s premier charity evaluator, Charity Navigator. Only 16 percent of charities rated by Charity Navigator have received at least two consecutive 4-star evaluations.
SS HOPE Peru 50 Years After Treatment on the SS HOPE, Thriving Patient Tells Her Story
I owe a big debt of gratitude to the HOPE Ship program and the people who staffed it.
Dominican Republic 5 Star Program Improving Women's Health in the Dominican Republic
Today, two community clinics developed by the program provide over 70,000 women and children with high quality health care.
Patient Outreach Proves Successful
Diabetes deaths can be prevented. By providing early diagnosis and education, we can reduce complications and help people to live longer, higher quality lives.
Conjoined Twins Separated Conjoined Sisters Go Home After Successful Operation
On September 5, 2011, the girls were separated after six hours of surgery at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, assisted by a medical team trained by Project HOPE. On September 29, the babies were discharged from the hospital.
Conjoined Twins Separated Conjoined Sisters Go Home After Successful Operation
On September 5, 2011, the girls were separated after six hours of surgery at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, assisted by a medical team trained by Project HOPE. On September 29, the babies were discharged from the hospital.
Project HOPE Celebrates ‘Miracle Baby’ on World Heart Day
The doctors at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center realized Bing’s heart disease was far worse than originally diagnosed in Hengyang City.
Remembering Helen Walsh
Wife of Project HOPE founder William B. Walsh, M.D., passes away on July 21, 2011.
38th Annual Global Health Council Conference
As an organization dedicated to successful chronic disease programming around the globe for more than a decade, Project HOPE is showcasing its NCD experience at the annual conference.
Community Volunteers Fight TB in Malawi
In Malawi, tuberculosis (TB) is a major cause of disease and death, especially among people living with HIV/AIDS.
Special Edition HOPE News
Read this special edition of HOPE NEWS to learn more about our health education and humanitarian assistance programs right here in the United States.
Dr. Ji Receives Top Social Worker in China Award
Former Project HOPE fellowship participant is honored with "Top 10 Social Worker in China in 2010” award.
Iriani, wife, mother, government representative. Health Programs Empower Women
Iriani, a mother and wife in Indonesia, took part in HOPE's health care training and serves her community as a representative in local government.
American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai 2010 CSR Partnership Award Honorable Mention
Project HOPE and Abbott Fund received The American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai 2010 CSR Partnership Award Honorable Mention for work in clinical pediatric nutrition at the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center.
Children with Leukemia Enjoy 2010 World EXPO
A group of children with leukemia enjoyed an exciting day at 2010 World EXPO thanks to Project HOPE and Hospira.
The "Dominican Paradox"
High Maternal Mortality in developing countries gained international attention in 2000. Project HOPE went to the Dominican Republic to investigate.
Passing on the Knowledge
Project HOPE community health volunteer Julia counsels, educates and supports her country in the wake of the AIDS epidemic.
Maria Rivera's Story
Certified Nurse Midwife Maria Rivera spent part of her summer last year away from her home in Houston, Texas to volunteer with Project HOPE in Nicaragua.
Critically Needed Medicines Save Lives
When 2-year-old Ehson was brought into the rural Central District Hospital of Vaksh, Tajikistan, his temperature was 104°F.
Better Health for Women and Children
Project HOPE has worked to develop two high quality, cost-effective maternal and child health clinics in the Dominican Republic.
Mobile Care Leads to Recovery
Project HOPE sent a mobile health clinic to Indonesia in 2006 to reach those without access to care after the earthquake.
Leaving Education Behind
As we have done in previous years, Project HOPE participated in the 2009 Pacific Partnership mission with the U.S. Navy.
Global Health Conference 2010
Project HOPE spotlighted health education and humanitarian assistance programs at the 2010 Global Health Conference.
Bikes for Malawi
In March, in honor of World TB Day, Project HOPE began a fundraising campaign to raise money for TB volunteers in Malawi.
HOPE Begins with a Step and a Smile
When a 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, Mitha, a 29-year-old mother of four, had her legs crushed by a collapsing wall.
Routine Weigh-In Saves Boy's Life
A routine weigh-in helped diagnose a heart defect and ultimately save the life of an infant in a HOPE community health clinic in Nagan Raya.
Improving Health in Indonesia
Project HOPE responded to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami by sending millions of dollars worth of aid, but the help did not end there.
Volunteers meet Mrs. Obama
On July 31 the First Lady greeted the crews from the USNS Comfort and USS Eisenhower as they returned to Norfolk, Virginia.
Volunteer Gabrielle Seibel Remembering Hurricane Katrina
Gabrielle Seibel from Odessa Brown Children's Clinic in Seattle, Washington remembers her experience with Project HOPE after Hurricane Katrina.
Sharing Experiences
Consuelo Rodríguez Mora felt fortunate to participate in a Project HOPE patient diabetes education course in Mexico.
Picture of Health
Maria Vilches Vasquez, 77, took an eight hour bus ride from the Andes to Trujillo, Peru where Project HOPE volunteers were conducting a medical clinic.
World Humanitarian Day Honoring Global Medical Volunteers on World Humanitarian Day
On World Humanitarian Day, Project HOPE honors more than 1,000 doctors, nurses and other health professionals who power its humanitarian missions in partnership with the U.S. Navy and Air Force.
8-Year-Old David Inspires HOPE in Haiti
When 8-year-old Dave Louizard arrived aboard the USNS Comfort after the January 12 earthquake, most of his right arm and leg had been amputated and his face was severely lacerated.
Woman Walks 250 Miles Seeking HOPE
When Elmira Cab Quia read that Project HOPE would be visiting the Hospital Nacional at Puerto Barrios, she knew she had to go.
Honduran Women Speak Out On Domestic Violence
Until 1997, assaulting a wife or a girlfriend wasn't considered a crime in Honduras. A year later, 3,000 women were still waiting for their day in court.
Restoring Dental Health Along the Gulf Coast
Hurricane Katrina destroyed Coastal Family Health Center's dental facility in Biloxi, leaving the region without dental services for low-income patients.
Emmanuel's Story
Meet Emmanuel. At just 12 years old, the young boy weighed 218 pounds and was already showing signs of pre-diabetes.
Where Will You Be Next?
Oscar's mother drove him across two countries just to see the volunteer doctors.
Cycle Beads Provide Natural Family Planning
Saira visited a midwife to discuss her family planning options and was given information on the newly available Standard Days Method of birth control.
Simple Document Offers Hope
Without a simple birth certificate, children can be denied access to education, health care services and future employment opportunities.
We Were Prepared
The lifesaving reach of the Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC) extends far beyond the four walls of the hospital itself.
TB Patient Inspired to Help Others
After being cured of TB, a young patient is inspired to become a TB specialist in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Finding HOPE, Just in Time
Suddenly alone, with no husband, no job, no food and no income to care for her family, Luisa did not know where to turn.
Training of Trainers
Saru, a diabetes educator trainee at the Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in Delhi, attended the first Project HOPE diabetes education Master Trainer Training Course in September.
Volunteer Kendra Dilcher's Story
First-time Project HOPE volunteer Kendra Dilcher discovers her career focus while working with children in Latin America.
It was a life-long dream of Sheila's to be part of a humanitarian aid project. When the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast, she contacted Project HOPE.

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