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Project HOPE Condemns the Killing of Palestinian Civilians Waiting for Aid

In response to the mass casualties of Palestinians in Gaza City as they waited for food aid today – which resulted in over 100 deaths and 700 injuries – Project HOPE’s CEO and President, Rabih Torbay, said:

“Israeli troops opening fire on Palestinians desperately waiting for lifesaving aid is monstrous and violates international humanitarian law. Today’s food aid delivery was meant to be a lifeline for those experiencing severe hunger in Gaza City where people have been cut off for months without the basic necessities to survive – food, clean water, adequate medical care, and electricity – but it ended in a bloodbath. Civilians should never be the target of such an atrocious attack.

Nearly all of the two million Palestinians in Gaza are homeless, injured, and on the brink of famine-like conditions. If people do not die from relentless violence like we’ve seen today, they will die from hunger or disease. The only solution to end mass suffering is an immediate and permanent ceasefire. The United States and the United Nations must relentlessly pursue a lasting solution predicated on human safety and dignity for all involved. Long-term peace is the only option to efficiently address the current health and humanitarian disaster and the long-term consequences that will forever impact the psychological safety and well-being of Palestinians in Gaza. We cannot lose sight of our humanity.” 

Project HOPE is actively supporting Palestinian communities affected by the conflict. Our team in Gaza has treated over 6,000 patients in Deir al Balah and has provided primary health care to over 3,000 people at three sites in Rafah. We also have emergency and trauma medical staff providing care at Al Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al Balah through our partner JHASi. Project HOPE has provided mental health support through local partners and has distributed family hygiene kits, mattresses, and blankets to our partner ANERA. Today, Project HOPE successfully delivered five interagency emergency health kits (IEHKs) and seven trauma and emergency surgery kits (TESKs). 

For Media Inquiries: media@projecthope.org.  

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