Inhumane Attacks on Displaced Families in Gaza


Policy & Advocacy

Advocating to drive tangible policy change in the United States and globally to save lives

Our Approach

With decades of global health and humanitarian experience, Project HOPE leverages expertise to influence and shape U.S. and international policy to improve health access around the world and address conditions for people living in conflict and crisis. 

We engage regularly with Members of Congress, Administration officials, the United Nations, peer organizations, the press, and the international community to drive tangible change. 

Our work is centered on creating a healthier, more equitable world by supporting better U.S. and multinational policies, priorities, funding, and actions.

Project HOPE advocates to: 

  • Empower local health workers with targeted resources and greater support from global leaders 
  • Strengthen global health actions with the United Nations, USAID, the U.S. State Department, philanthropic donors, and others to improve health and well-being 
  • Support people in crisis by ensuring that lifesaving humanitarian assistance does not slip from the agendas of governments and donors  
  • Increase U.S. leadership and investment in global health and humanitarian assistance to improve health outcomes in countries around the world

Health Affairs

Project HOPE also publishes Health Affairs, the leading journal of health policy thought and research in the U.S. The journal’s mission is to serve as a high-level, nonpartisan forum to promote analysis and discussion on improving health and health care, and to address issues such as cost, quality, and access.

The Context

Shaping and improving U.S. and global policy and funding through direct advocacy accelerates the impact of all global health and humanitarian work.  

Effectively addressing the world’s existing and emerging health challenges and crises depends on stronger U.S. and multinational policies, funding, and engagement. 

Ensuring that ongoing needs for lifesaving humanitarian assistance does not slip from the agendas of governments or donors, we work to encourage the best use of scarce resources in times of crisis. Our work is instrumental in securing sustained funding, driving systemic changes, and addressing the root causes of health challenges.  

Project HOPE embraces the importance of policy and advocacy work in our mission to create a resilient and more equitable global health ecosystem.

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