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Innovation & Technology

Leveraging innovation and technology to improve health outcomes, equip local health workers with lifesaving digital tools, and strengthen local health systems

Our Approach

Project HOPE is dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art approaches and innovative solutions to our programs around the world as we seek to revolutionize health and humanitarian aid service delivery, particularly in under-resourced contexts. 

We work on the individual, community, regional, and country levels to upgrade health systems and equip health workers with the tools and skills they need to save lives, improve case management, manage complex datasets, and make progress towards global health goals.

Our teams do this important work by:  

  • Creating digital health programs and apps that improve access to quality health care 
  • Grounding decision-making processes in data so program managers, community leaders, donors, and health workers can ensure efficacy of our programs 
  • Strengthening the skills of frontline health workers in data collection, management, analysis, and evaluation 
  • Developing contextually specific and robust data management platforms that benefit all levels of a health system, from health workers to ministries of health 
  • Utilizing biometric information and health information systems to improve case management and streamline processes for health workers and program participants 
  • Increasing the capacity of health workers and local health systems to design and implement innovative programs
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of available health data is used to improve outcomes in some countries

Despite progress in data collection and the availability of digital technology, a lack of interoperability and integration between local health systems often acts as a barrier towards progress.

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of health costs can be saved through digital investments

In low-income communities, digital health tools and new technologies can improve access and affordability, reducing the threat of poverty often associated with health care costs.

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only 1 in 2

countries in Europe and Central Asia have digital health literacy policies

As local health systems in every country adopt digital solutions and new technologies, health workers and patients must be supported during the transition to ensure communities trust a changing system.

The Context

Project HOPE places innovation and technology in global health as central to our work because it will save lives and accelerate progress across the health-related Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. 

Digital tools that are tailored to the health needs and the unique contexts of specific communities — such as an app in that provides young pregnant women in a rural community with case management services or a new health information system in an under resourced country that provides interoperability — improve access to health care services and have the potential to save lives.  

As these tools are adopted across communities, Project HOPE is committed to ensuring that local health workers are equipped with the tools they need to manage them directly, so that the solutions are sustainable and have lasting impact.

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