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Gender Equity & Safeguarding

Promoting gender equity in global health by preventing gender-based violence and addressing the health disparities that affect women around the globe.

Our Approach

Achieving gender equity is central to addressing all global health challenges. 

Project HOPE ensures that all programming — from urgent humanitarian relief to long-term global health development — addresses the specific needs of women and girls by incorporating gender equity, safeguarding, and social inclusion strategies into the fabric of all our programs. 

To provide women and girls with the health care, protection, and economic resources they need to thrive, our teams: 

  • Protect the mental health of women and girls living through health and humanitarian crises 
  • Ensure young women have access to the education, health care, and economic opportunities that lead to healthy futures 
  • Prevent gender-based violence and provide physical and mental health care to survivors 
  • Increase the availability of sexual and reproductive health services, especially in emergency contexts 
  • Ensure the safety of program participants, employees, and partners through gender trainings, safeguarding, and robust reporting mechanisms 
  • Monitor gender-related indicators for all programs so that we can track progress and adjust strategy 
  • Strengthen access to health care for women by equipping health workers with the skills and equipment necessary to provide women with the health care they need to thrive
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of adolescent girls do not have access to educational or economic opportunities

Women and girls without an education, job, or training opportunity are at a higher risk for negative health outcomes, infectious diseases, and gender-based violence.

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1 in 3

women worldwide have experienced gender-based violence

Survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence — which worsens during disasters, displacement, and times of conflict — deserve health, protection, and safety.

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of maternal deaths worldwide are in under-resourced countries

In low and lower-middle income countries, women are at an increased risk of dying during and immediately following pregnancy and childbirth.

The Context

Gender-based health disparities often leave women and girls at a disadvantage, impacting their physical, mental, and social well-being.  

In far too many countries, women travel for hours – or even cross borders – to access maternal care and gender-based violence comes fraught with stigma. These severe health disparities weaken communities and put women and girls at an increased risk of harm.  

Through our efforts, Project HOPE strives to improve gender equity in global health, improve access to care for women, and create a healthier, more equitable world.

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