Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza


Occupied Palestinian Territories

Responding to the humanitarian emergency in Gaza by operating primary health and sexual and reproductive health clinics, coordinating emergency surge staffing, and distributing essential supplies

The Context

Health systems inside Gaza are at their breaking point after nonstop conflict that has left tens of thousands dead and displaced nearly 2 million people. A severe lack of food, fuel, water, and gasoline has led to a widespread humanitarian emergency that is causing severe hunger and dehydration, disruptions in medical services, and widespread hygiene and sanitation issues that are fueling the spread of disease. Fuel shortages, communication blackouts, and attacks continue to impact the flow of lifesaving humanitarian aid. 

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1.1 million

people are experiencing catastrophic food insecurity

Finding something to eat is a daily struggle and 1 in 3 children under 2 years old suffer from acute malnutrition, which has dire, long-term health consequences.


Gazans have been killed

Conditions in Gaza leave little hope for survival. If people do not die from violence, they could die from disease and hunger.

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of hospitals are no longer functional

The health system in Gaza is collapsing, with over 400 attacks on health facilities and health workers. Only 10 out of 36 hospitals are partially operational.

Our Impact

Since October 2023, Project HOPE has been responding to the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza by providing urgently needed medical and mental health services and delivering vital supplies. Our work includes emergency health care, primary health care, surgical care, and mental health support.  

Project HOPE is providing both primary health and sexual and reproductive health services at static clinics in Deir al Balah and Rafah. In addition, our mobile medical teams are providing primary health care services to displaced families in the Rafah area. We have also joined forces with the Jordanian Health Aid Society – International (JHASi) to dispatch teams of trauma and emergency care specialists to Al Aqsa Hospital in Deir al Balah.  

With our local partners, Hakini Foundation, Sharek Youth Forum, and the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, Project HOPE has provided mental health consultations and reached thousands of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank with psychosocial support.  

Project HOPE is also helping displaced families access much-needed essentials, including diapers, feminine hygiene products, and cleaning wipes. These items help maintain hygiene, provide comfort, and restore a sense of dignity to displaced families navigating loss, upheaval, and the chaos and trauma of war, in addition to helping to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in an environment where access to water and sanitation is limited.  

Project HOPE has successfully transported seven Interagency Emergency Health Kits and seven Trauma Emergency Surgical Kits — a total of 87 pallets — into Gaza through Egypt. These crucial, lifesaving items are strengthening the capacity of our clinics in Dier al Balah and Rafah and supporting health workers and patients at Al Aqsa Hospital. The essential pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in these kits are also addressing the critical shortages being exacerbated by the conflict. 

Despite the escalating dangers and persistent humanitarian access challenges, Project HOPE has provided primary health care, mental health assistance, emergency health care, surgical care, essential supplies, basic nutrition support, supplements, and more to over 10,000 children. These humanitarian efforts strive to address the urgent challenges children in Gaza are facing, including violence, food and water scarcity, and increasing instability due to displacement from their homes and schools. Project HOPE remains steadfast in our commitment to providing lifesaving support to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. 

In Gaza, Project HOPE:  

  • Operates primary health and sexual & reproductive health clinics in Gaza  
  • Provides mental health and psychosocial support for communities in Gaza and the West Bank  
  • Distributes hygiene kits, blankets, and mattresses for displaced communities in Gaza  
  • Delivers medicines and medical supplies to support health needs in Gaza

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