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Providing HIV testing, care, and treatment in partnership with Project HOPE Namibia

The Context

Namibia has achieved significant advancements in combatting HIV, including reducing HIV incidents, promoting testing, and enhancing treatment accessibility, nearly reaching the UNAIDS 95-95-95 goals. Currently, 95% of individuals living with HIV are aware of their status, with 91% of them receiving treatment, and 86% achieving viral load suppression.  

Despite these commendable achievements, Namibia still holds the fifth-highest HIV prevalence globally and women continue to be disproportionally affected. 


people living with HIV

An estimated 8% of the population in Namibia currently live with HIV.


children have been orphaned due to AIDS

These children are more likely to have difficulties receiving quality healthcare, adequate nutrition, and access to educational opportunities.

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of the population lives below the poverty line

Despite Namibia being classified as an upper-middle-income country, nearly 1 in 5 people Namibia live in poverty.

Our Impact

Combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic 

Project HOPE works closely with communities to mitigate the HIV epidemic in Namibia. Together with USAID and Project HOPE Namibia, Project HOPE has improved HIV case findings and treatment outcomes for children, including orphans.   

Current work includes taking a comprehensive approach to support young people (age 10 – 24) in Namibia to promote HIV testing, treatment, and prevention. This includes engaging youth alongside their families and communities to foster a positive environment, promote work opportunities, provide funding for school materials, and share information on HIV, sexual and reproductive health, and gender-based violence.  

Our History in Namibia

Since 2002, Project HOPE has been combating the HIV epidemic in Namibia. In partnership with local organizations and in close coordination with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, we implement programs funded by PEPFAR/USAID and UNICEF to support at-risk populations across the country access treatment, education, counseling, and opportunities to improve their income.  

Project HOPE supported the establishment of its local affiliate, Project HOPE Namibia (PHN), in 2005 and has supported PHN to transition to a direct funding relationship with USAID in 2013. While PHN is independently controlled and operated, Project HOPE and PHN continue to collaborate closely on PEPFAR-funded activities across the region.   

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