Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza


Project HOPE Mourns Tragic Loss of Colleague in Gaza

Statement by CEO & President, Rabih Torbay.

It is with profound sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the tragic passing of our esteemed colleague, Mohammed Hamed Mansour Madi, who was killed in a senseless airstrike on his home in Khirbat al ‘Adas in Gaza yesterday.

Mohammed was a nurse in our primary health clinic in Rafah where he worked long hours in unimaginable conditions to treat patients who had been displaced. His family home was hit by an airstrike yesterday killing Mohammed and seven of his relatives, including a child and a pregnant woman. As of now, we’ve heard that fifteen people have been confirmed dead from the attack, and others who lived in the apartment building are still trapped under the rubble. Khirbat al ‘Adas, outside the city of Rafah, has continued to be targeted, despite housing thousands of civilian residents and people who are displaced.

We are outraged and heartbroken by the loss of Mohammed and the countless other innocent humanitarians, health workers, and civilians who have died during this conflict. Our remaining team members in Gaza are in imminent danger. Despite ongoing violence, our team is dedicated to continuing to provide care in Rafah and Deir al Balah. The only viable path to ensure the safety of our colleagues, health workers, and civilians is an immediate and permanent ceasefire.  

We urgently call on all parties to prioritize the protection of innocent lives and to bring an end to the violence that continues to claim the lives of those who dedicate themselves to helping others.

Our thoughts are with Mohammed’s remaining family, friends, and all those who have been affected by this devastating loss.

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