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How Project HOPE is Responding in Israel

Project HOPE is providing hygiene supplies, mental health support, medical equipment, and more to support displaced communities and hospitals in need inside Israel. Learn more about our response below.

Project HOPE team members in Israel are working to support hospitals and displaced communities following the October 7 Hamas attacks that killed at least 1,200 people and damaged medical facilities near the southern border.

As the Israel-Gaza conflict enters its third month, Project HOPE emergency response personnel in Israel, Gaza, and Egypt are coordinating with local authorities, United Nations agencies, and civil society to coordinate the delivery of aid into both Israel and Gaza. Read on to learn more about our response in Israel and how you can help.

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What are the greatest needs in Israel?

In Israel, displaced families are in need of basic items after fleeing their homes, with some families rebuilding their entire lives after their homes were destroyed in the October 7 attack. In response, Project HOPE’s team has delivered hygiene supplies to displaced people in Jerusalem and has procured additional essentials for several hundred more. Project HOPE is also providing mental health and psychosocial support services to displaced families through local partners. One partner, the Yuri Shtern Center, has been supporting displaced families in Jerusalem since early November.

Pallet of hygiene items being distributed
Project HOPE distributed hygiene items, bed liners, and towels for displaced families in Israel who are living in a dormitory in Kiryat Ono, Israel. Photo by Project HOPE staff, 2023.

What do hospitals in Israel need?

Project HOPE is working to support hospitals near Israel’s southern border by providing urgently needed medical equipment and supplies and repairing damaged medical structures. The team has delivered a mobile ultrasound machine to Shamir Hospital in Be’er Ya’akov and procured five clinical defibrillator monitors for Barzilai Medical Center. At Barzilai, Project HOPE is looking to support the rehabilitation of the Children’s Developmental Institute, which was destroyed in October and provides support to children with developmental challenges.

Additionally, Project HOPE is working with Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem to support the equipment needs of one inpatient department at the Gandel Rehabilitation Center, which will serve those injured in the conflict. Our team has also procured specialty wheelchairs and other specialized equipment for patients with spinal cord injuries at Sheba Medical Center.

Project HOPE’s staff continues to work with local health facilities to determine the highest-priority needs, including medical supplies, equipment, and rehabilitation needs. Our team is exploring additional avenues to provide MHPSS services to those affected by the conflict.

Project HOPE continues to act in coordination with partners in Israel, Gaza, Egypt, the West Bank, Jordan, and Lebanon to assess how and when we can best support the health and humanitarian needs of impacted communities, while remaining committed to the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence.

Man in Project HOPE shirt walks through rubble
Project HOPE is supporting the reconstruction of the Children’s Developmental Rehabilitation Center at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, Israel, which was damaged by rocket attacks on October 10, 2023. Photo by Project HOPE staff, 2023.

Is Project HOPE responding in Gaza?

In response to the widespread humanitarian needs in Gaza, Project HOPE has established a primary health care clinic in Deir Al Balah and is building a medical team in Rafah to conduct medical outreach clinics. Project HOPE has established a supply chain into Gaza, with an initial shipment of 750 family hygiene kits, 4,000 blankets, and 9,000 mattresses that have arrived in Rafah but have not yet been distributed due to fuel shortages, communication blackouts, and heavy bombing in the city.

Learn more about our response in Gaza and how you can help.

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