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Supporting local partners to provide humanitarian relief and

long-term assistance to earthquake survivors in Morocco

The Context

Despite progress made in Morocco’s health care system in recent years, access to quality health services remains a significant issue, particularly for those living in the country’s remote and mountainous rural regions.  

These disparities were amplified after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck on September 8, 2023, about 50 miles south of Marrakech, affecting up to 2.8 million people and causing extensive damage. The hardest-hit communities were those living in the remote High Atlas mountains who were already facing extreme poverty and limited health care services before this disaster.  

In the months following the earthquake, impacted communities have faced a significant need for health care services, mental health support, and shelter and hygiene supplies. 

earthquake icon


people were displaced by the 2023 earthquake

With 59,000 homes damaged and 19,000 destroyed in an instant, communities need mental health and recovery support.

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community members killed in the earthquake’s aftermath

With nearly 6,000 injured and 380,000 severely impacted, long-term recovery efforts in Morocco will be crucial.

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2.8 million

people were affected by the earthquakes in some way

Mountain villages in remote areas continue to need assistance repairing water infrastructure and accessing health services.

medical staffer wraps the head of a patient in Morocco
Project HOPE responds to the earthquake in Morocco through our partners SAMU who are providing medical support in rural villages in the Atlas Mountains.

Our Impact

In collaboration with our local partners, Project HOPE has provided immediate emergency response support, as well as ongoing medical, mental health, and water and sanitation support for earthquake-impacted communities throughout Morocco.  

In the first week following the earthquake, Project HOPE supported search and rescue operations and mobile medical units (MMUs) through our long-time partners at SAMU, a Spanish medical emergency organization that has a local presence in Tangier.  

As part of our long-term response, Project HOPE is working through local partners like Project Soar and High Atlas Foundation to support communities as they work to recover, concentrating on some of the most critical health needs: water, sanitation, and access to mental health support. 

In Morocco, Project HOPE’s support:

  • Enabled emergency search and rescue operations  
  • Provided health interventions through MMUs in over 20 rural villages  
  • Distributed hygiene kits for impacted communities  
  • Rebuilt potable water systems to support hygiene and sanitation needs  
  • Set up safe spaces and provided workshops for mental health and psychosocial support 
  • Supported psychosocial groups for young students who were displaced

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